50 Cent is a cheap creep

tn_50_cent_performing_cr.jpgAfter getting sloshed on egg nog, being shunned by relatives and passing out under the plastic tree, I woke up this morning feeling empty inside. It’s not because the baby Jesus has forsaken me, but because I never received a Christmas card from 50 Cent. And by the looks of it, no one else did either.

The rapper refuses to celebrate Christmas the conventional way by seniding cards to friends, and relatives, and argues that those close to him should know his feelings for them.

That, or $500,000 earned entertaining teens at a bat mitzvah doesn’t buy what it used to. Or maybe he converted to Judaism after the show, and took up the “cheap Jew” stereotype. Or maybe he just doesn’t know how to write. That’s probably it.

50 Cent doesn’t like celebrating X’mas the conventional way! [Web India]