50 Cent can’t get the girls

50_cent_mitzvah.jpg50 Cent reportedly slunk out of a party thrown for him at a Paris nightclub after being snubbed by all the pretty girls inside.

A partygoer in the VIP room told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “The party was thrown in his honour but instead of getting into it he just sat there looking sulky, drinking his free champagne. He looked as if he was waiting to be surrounded by gorgeous girls vying for his attention. But the girls pretty much ignored him. After a while, one of his goons approached two good-looking girls and asked them to join Fiddy at his table, but they refused.”

50 Cent can’t get the ladies? Right. Next you’ll be telling me that he parties with little Jewish girls. Maybe they didn’t recognize him. I see that this party was in Paris, so maybe the hot girls couldn’t get through the pack of gay men vying for his attention. Maybe they were frightened when his drinks kept leaking from the forty-six bullet holes in his body. But if 50 Cent can’t score, what hope do the rest of us have? That’s right – roofies.