12th Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

November 16th, 2007 // 160 Comments

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  1. lal

    HOLY Shit, Heidi Klum looks amazing for having like two kids and for her age its awesome.

    All the fat chicks, if they could actually try to have the body that was half of Heidi’s you would get recognition.

  2. Allesandra in yellow – DAMN!

  3. The Obvious

    Heidi needs to hang it up, focus (in private) on Seal’s protuberance, and stop embarrassing her kids.

  4. BaconMessiah

    # 95 are u kidding me? Look at those pics and tell me if I even give a fuck about who is in the front row. Ghandi could be blowing Charles Manson in the front fucking row and I doubt 99% of guys would notice. Give your head a shake.

  5. green fat girls

    #40 Gorgie Porgie
    Judging by your name…you’re either a fat short chick or a gay twink. It applies to both.

    They all look super amazing. I know all the fat short chicks hate us small boned tall girls because we steal their thunder and there is nothing they can do about it. You can pick these beauties apart all you want…average girls, but you aren’t being paid tons of dough to walk down a runway and be jetted around on a private planes. They are physically superior to most women.


    re: lal

    hey dumbass, don’t compare poor fat chicks to heidi klum. HK is a fucking millionaire who is paid to look good. this means she has ALL THE RESOURCES NOT AVAILABLE TO THE AVERAGE PLEBIAN therefore it’s not AMAZING that she looks good after 3 kids. With a personal chef, several trainers, housekeepers, and a shit load of money I could turn any fat ass into a righteous piece of ass. All she has to do is workout all day and ride Seal’s cock all night. OF COURSE SHE’S GOING TO BE THIN!!!!

  7. I really Like Heidi Klum, even she got 3 children…

    She’s hot!

    When i see here pose on Max magazine

    She’s definately hot!!!

  8. MC

    was marissa miller there? i don’t see any pictures of her.

  9. i love Heidi Klum

    i loathe Alessandra Ambrosio

  10. Juice

    where are all the ass shots?

  11. boobies

    101 is an angry fatty


    Thierry Mugler did it first and better.

    BTW, have the 10 Commandments been repealed? Can I now covet Seal’s wife with impunity?

  13. selina

    gorgeous girls, all they have a good figure. but even this kind of beuaties are lonely, because someone told me that she saw them on a dating site called ssugarcupid.com, and they usually go there.

  14. Hot girls… I would like to know anyone of them better…
    Victoria’s Secret always had the most beautyful models http://www.spymac.com/details?2295013

  15. nonny-mouse

    unimpressed… those outfits are really boring. Where’s the fashion? It looks a first year design student picked up stuff from walmart and old craft shops and stuck on some glitter. Thanks for the pics, I’m skipping it this year. *weeping*

  16. sassafras

    oh, brother! Heidi looks 10 years younger than Marisa. Marisa was the worst of them all, really. Heidi looked amazing and she’s had 3 babies and so did Alessandra, Adriana, Julia, and a lot more. There are no pictures of Marisa because she stinks, period. ewwww!

  17. fearsarewishes

    Excuse me, Heidi, but I believe you’ve put your dress on backwards.

    Thank you.

  18. sherri

    No Selita Ebanks? That seems slightly racist

  19. ToTellTheTruth

    EVERY last one of these tired bitches have FLAT asses. What exactly is it, that white men see in all of this? Because I don’t see shit.

  20. ToTellTheTruth

    Oh, and howcome the ONLY 2 black chics in the entire show didn’t get any close-up shots like the white bitches did?

  21. fearsarewishes

    #115 and 116

    You misspelled “chick” bof times.

    That’s right–bof times.

    Jesus fucking Christ.

  22. Matilda

    UM. None of these girls have asses. WTF. Haha.

  23. EuroNeckPain

    Alessandra Ambrosio pic#4 has pubic hair showing.
    Not classy at all.

  24. EuroNeckPain

    And by the way, those of you who always wondered why Posh Spice is never smiling, now you have the answer. She almost smiles in one of those pictures. Makes your hair stand on its ends.

  25. Lysol

    41. gotmilk & 21 &49
    crap is what it is!.
    no longer lingere Pedo Pink sh*t for 12 year olds

    will be forced to hang it up
    very soon there will be 8-12 year olds modeling

  26. Nitsua

    the don’t sell lingerie anymore. it’s all that Garbage made in china PINK shit catered to 12 year old whores.

  27. SysRq

    these ol broads look silly
    wearing little PedoStyle Jon Bonnet dress up outfits

  28. Flore

    Brazilan models are the hottest !!!!!!!!!!

  29. dsa

    re: #102

    You sound like something a fat person would say. Most fat people just find excuses like that, because they cannot accept the reality.

  30. jenn

    it’s funny how all the women on here resort to calling these girls sluts just becuase they have a fun job and better bodies than most people.

  31. taneyni

    HAHAH…look at the 6th pic of alesandra, with that god awful expression…and then look at the faces of the men in the audience looking at her. HAHAHA.

    More Marisa Miller… thats a hottie with a body

  32. Michelle

    What a bunch of losers on here! Can we please stick to the topic?

    These VS girls look AMAZING!! Hello? Heidi – three kids!
    And I’m a girl and I think that Alessandra chick is super hot.
    Anyone that disagrees is just jealous.. and probably fat.

  33. jen

    there’s some wild stuff there…wow!

  34. You're mostly a pathetic bunch of $hits

    To all the haters: Jealous much? I think you are! How sad for you. You sit on here all day and type about how the VS models are ugly. Pathetic. Go out and do something with your sad life. Please.

  35. Zondra


  36. Very hot ! Her nude profile and some of her nice nude photos were found on a nudist date site named Nudistonly.com . I was curious why she was there . Is she a nudist ? Anyone can advise ?

  37. Annie

    Ew… Heldi klum has cellulites…. Alot of cellulites… in the group photo…

  38. gary

    ALESSANDRA is the hotness.

  39. Sandy

    What does it mean if someone says is that oven mitts like number 13 VEGGIE said …or if someone says you look at her and feel you misplaced your baseball mitt?

  40. Eileen

    What it must feel like to look like that……sooo beautiful!!! And the clothes are amazing!!!!!

  41. Narrow Minded People Are Pathetic

    It is sad there are actually people who are so sure that just because one doesn’t find someone that most others find attractive mean that s/he is jealous. Or, if it is someone of the opposite sex, then that person must have been gay. The only reason those people think that way is because that’s how they think so they think others must be as narrow minded as they are.

    I’m a girl and I think Matthew McConnaughey is ugly. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m jealous, since I’m a girl. And I’m not gay either because there are so many other men that I find more deserving of one of “The Hottest Men” on earth title.

    Similarly, just because VSC girls do not meet MY hotness criteria, that doesn’t mean I’m jealous. Women that I find beautiful are Katherine Zeta Jones, Monica Belucci or Aishrya Rai. Those are some of the women that I wish I could look like and therefore have the potential to be jealous of.

    So please narrow minded people, why can’t you just accept that everyone has a different taste? Just reading comments for this post, you can see that different guys like different VSC models.

    So, next time when you read that one person simply doesn’t find another attractive, just shut the fuck up and realize that sometimes even you will not give a second look at someone whom others find attractive.

  42. Jerry

    If you really want to see the video from the fashion show (and believe me, it’s hot) here’s the place to look it up.


  43. mark

    Quite Hot! I think I have seen the hot girls at the celeb singles club millionairecupid.com a couple of days ago. The ablums posted there are quite hot and attractive.

  44. blizzy

    LMAO did someone actually critique the size of someone’s navel? You know Seinfeld was just a show…its not socially acceptable to be so shallow in real life.

    They’re all beautiful but Adriana Lima and the Allessandro chick are like geez! I’d probably make an attempt at robbing the federal reserve if Adriana asked me to…

  45. theblender101

    9: charlie. adriana is not tubby, shes fucking ripepd and tight, fuck you shes the hottest one.

    and all the fucking chicks, get off the fucking page, no one cares what you think.

  46. theblender101

    9: charlie. adriana is not tubby, shes fucking ripepd and tight, fuck you shes the hottest one.

    and all the fucking chicks, get off the fucking page, no one cares what you think.

  47. KT

    Last year’s show was so awesome– candy bras for God’s sake. I’m curious to watch the show to see if I’ll like it better than last year’s. From the pictures, it looks like this is a show for the GUYS, since the lingerie obviously looks a lot sexier than last year’s. Enjoy the show boys. :P

  48. Only beautys in those pics. I like them all… http://www.spymac.com/details?2295013

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