Jessica Simpson’s family wishes she was more like Ashlee

July 22nd, 2009 // 60 Comments

Now she’s working out. Seen here leaving her trainer’s house on Monday, Jessica Simpson’s family is concerned for her emotional well-being after her recent break-up with Tony Romo, according to People:

So far, Simpson has been coping with the split by living a low-key life and seeking solace with her parents, who “encourage her to go out and have a good time, like she did this week,” says the Simpson family friend.
But when she’s out in public, “she feels she’s being judged by the world and opts to hide out at home,” says the friend. “The family feels bad for Jessica. They worry for her a lot.”
That wasn’t always the case. “The family used to have such faith in [Jessica] and they worried about Ashlee,” says the family friend. “Now they are fully confident in Ashlee’s choices and they worry most of their days about Jessica. It seems she just can’t catch a break.”

How big of a train wreck is Jessica Simpson at home that her parents think she should aspire to marry Pete Wentz and have a child named Bronx Mowgli? I mean, Christ, what’s she doing? Sitting around crying while using a hammer to make sandwiches? “Jessica sad. Jessica make peanut butter go SMASH so Tony love Jessica again. Jessica promise no ask for babies no more. Jessica need sledge hammer for jelly.”

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  1. Cam

    Glad Tony dumped her. She needs to grow up. She always run to work out when she get ready to hunt down and corner man.

  2. maggielindia

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  3. Dick SPOOGIN' Throbbn

    She’s a hot bit tittied gal. I feel bad for the public breakdowns but WTF, when you are a “celebrity” that’s what you get. Her dad sounds like a psycho f*ck for sure.

    Glad we killed Osama Bin Laden’s son….now if we can only get him !

  4. FACE

    Number 51 sounds like a m-f-ing idiot. Simpson is still the sweetest piece of white ass in Hollywood

  5. jr.

    i fill sorry for her,she`s a great looking girl with no luck maybe her parents should let her grow up she needs to grow up thats all.

  6. jr.

    i fill sorry for her,she`s a great looking girl with no luck maybe her parents should let her grow up she needs to grow up thats all.

  7. T

    She has a lazy eye. Neat.

  8. hotterthanu

    Way to hit someone while they are down – you negative people are assholes. Jessica has always been a natural sexy woman and looks great whatever her weight may be.

    Hang in there, Jessica. You’ll find love again… finding a good one takes time.

  9. carly

    honestly she looks 100% prettier toned down and natural like this

  10. Maybe this stupid family shoving it down the throats of the entire population on a daily basis, should not think about talent. He has enough money ……. He should just go away. There has not left much for him. No movies, no music career, another reality show? No thanks. Just go and enjoy your money. You will not be missed.

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