Seth Rogen hates Entourage

July 21st, 2009 // 83 Comments

After his unlikely romance with Katherine Heigl in Knocked Up was the subject of intense skewering on Sunday’s episode of Entourage, Seth Rogen let E!’s Daily 10 know he thinks the show’s creater Doug Ellin is a moron:

“Yeah, those guys are assholes. I actually ran into Matt … Kevin Dillon in a Starbucks. And he’s like ‘You know, I’ve got to kind of apologize because apparently the guy who created our show doesn’t like you so much.’ And I said ‘Well, I have reason to believe because I think [showrunner] Doug Ellin is a moron from all I can understand so it makes sense he doesn’t like me.’ And I’ve kind of said some disparaging things about the show. Although in our defense, [producer] Mark Wahlberg called us misogynistic in an interview, so I think they kind of started that.
It’s on. Luckily I never have and never plan on watching Entourage.”

I kind of expected a snappier comeback from Seth Rogen besides “Yeah, well, I’m never watching their show.” Unless he knows something about premium cable ratings that I don’t. Is there a highly profitable Seth Rogen demographic I’m unaware of?

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  1. Tom K

    Entourage is the shit!

  2. Harold

    Didn’t they beat Seth Rogan up in an episode of Entourage? Oh wait, what’s that? That was Seth Green? Harumph, I always get my C-list actors confused.

  3. Quinn

    I watched 1/2 an episode of Entourage and it sucks ass. Not defending Rogan though, but Entourage is way overrated.

  4. Phil

    Isn’t that the show about a bunch of philandering Hollywood douchebags? Why do people like that?

  5. The Jerk

    @4..I’m going to agree with Quinn here..its like one of those types of shows where its gets completely hyped way more than it should be and the episodes are so fucking repetitive it makes me wonder how many seasons does it really take to understand what a bunch of worthless guys do to make some change or get laid like that fat fuck stoner ‘turtle’ who fails practically every episode. There are way better shows than this bullshit, like WONDERSHOWZEN… ;D

  6. Ananana

    Thou shalt not bash The Rogen!!

    • Most overrated actor of our generation. How hard would it be for any person you pull off the street to play a stoner? Seriously, think for a few seconds. The guy has no talent and you are defending him? I’m guessing you live in a frat house and find it funny to stick your genitals in other guys mouths when they are passed out. Keep on reaching for the stars buddy.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Fuck Rogen.

    HBO is the only network that has the balls to show how a bunch of guys from the east coast would act if they hit it big – buy things you can’t afford, smoke pot everyday, play video games, drive beautiful cars, and bang seriously hot tail.

    Piven should be given the Medal of Honor for his performance on that show, he’s unreal.

  8. Andrew

    Seth Rogen’s comment made no sense. He just made himself sound stupid. Now, I usually like him — and also Entourage — but this is just dumb. They made a joke. He’s never made a joke at somebody else’s expense in one of his movies? Get the fuck over it, Rogen.

    P.S.: I always thought I would hate Entourage from the bits and pieces I occasionally caught — and then my girlfriend made me watch it. Now I really like it. It’s a funny show.

  9. Delgo


  10. Donkey Dong

    I’ve been watching Entourage for a while now and it’s really starting to blow. It’s the same thing every episode.

    Drama makes boorish comments each episode…
    Turtle is just aggravating-tries way too hard to be hip.
    Vince is sooo carefree and doesn’t worry about anything
    Ari is overly dramatic and just insults everyone
    E is boring

    Yawn! Guess that’s what happens when your creative force is Marky Mark.

  11. Mac

    Entourage is garbage. I’ve seen like two episodes and it was just awful. Weeds takes a giant s*** all over that crap a** show. The funniest part is that the cast members are a bunch of cheap jerks in real life. Piven was banned from a restaurant for leaving a a season 1 of entourage as a tip. He was sitting with a table of 12. What a cheap f***. Not surprising seeing as the show is a piece of s***.

  12. Mac

    Here is the artcile on Piven tipping season one of entourage. It’s actually from this site:

  13. Fati

    And I hate Seth Rogen.

  14. Mac

    #9 Andrew

    You have just proven that the show Entourage sucks. You know a show sucks when your girlfriend makes you watch it.

  15. havoc

    So what’s the deal?

    Is this guy fat or skinny? Everytime I see him he’s one or the other….


  16. Guy

    Seth Rogen is a hell of a lot more sucessful and famous than those no-names (pre-Entourage), & I’m sure they will go straight back to being no-names once their 20 minute show runs out of steam.

  17. Harold

    Let’s see here…

    Seth Rogan got famous for smoking pot and being a regular dude in pretty much every movie he’s ever in.

    Entourage guys got famous for smoking pot and being regular guys in pretty much every episode of Entourage.

    They’ve been around for almost the same exact amount of time.

    So, essentially they are one and the same. All of Seth Rogan’s movies are the exact same thing, as is every episode of Entourage. I still find both entertaining.

    Really they just need to give SR a part on Entourage, and call it a fucking day.

  18. jimmy conway

    Who is that hairy douchebag?

  19. No

    That is untrue about all of Rogen’s movies being the same and Entourage being around just as long.

    Nobody smokes pot in Super Bad. Nobody smokes pot in Knocked Up. Freaks&Geeks and 40 Year Old Virgin are the only shows and movies I recall him smoking pot. Also, Freaks and Geeks first episode was in 1999 which he was a part of. Entourages first episode was in 2004.

    Seth Rogen wins.

  20. Ruth

    Since when has anyone cared what this douche thinks? Entourage is one of the best shows out. Cast is awesome. Music is great. Cars are amazing. Premise is any guys dream. Guess this {} is upset he didn’t think of it. HOpe they flame him every show now.

  21. Venom

    I really wish Seth Rogaine, Jonah “Spike your Drink” Hill and Judd Apatow be banned from Hollywood or die.
    Either one is fine with me, I am not picky.
    They are the Soulja Boy of movies.

  22. Quinn

    So it’s as interesting as Oprah? I agree.

  23. Jenny

    Seth Rogan could corner the stoner housewife demographic no problem.

  24. Deacon Jones

    Well he is jewish.

  25. Loren

    All things aside, I have to agree with the folks who said Pivin is an amazing actor. Without him on the show, it would be MUCH less entertaining.

  26. Mango

    27… You agree with one person? One person who sounds like a complete jerk off.

    Oh and 23… wishing death on someone. Stay classy. Better watch out for the old karma bug. After wishing death on Seth Rogen, you’ll probably end up with a dead family member.

  27. I love Entourage and I’m alright with Seth Rogen. Calling him fat is one thing but calling him ugly is another; that’s kinda of messed up. I was laughing my ass off just the same but I was thinking that Rogen might have a response and so he did.

  28. spaceyQQQ

    Rogen’s a douchebag & looks like Shrek.

  29. Charlie Caligula

    Entourage is twice as misogynistic as anything Apatow shits out.

  30. I have never watched entourage, but I would bang the hell out of Seth Rogen any day of the week.

  31. jr

    Do none of you get this? Obviously, Rogen doesn’t either. Turtle was the one calling Rogen out for being ugly and not understanding how Heigel could get with him in Knocked Up. But Turtle is dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler (in real life and on the show). And the next few episodes of Entourage involve Turtle getting slammed in the press for not being good looking enough to date Meadow Soprano. I think it’s hilarious how Turtle is going to get his shit handed to him for making fun of Rogen because he is living the same situation in the show.

    I don’t usually give Entourage writers a lot of credit, but this is a good set up and a funny story line. Too bad Rogen can’t understand art imitating life imitating art.

  32. tony

    Who’s that fatfuck ugly piece of shit and what the hell is Entourage? Is it something like The Hills except for guys?

  33. Is this some kind of epic douche-off? Seth Rogan vs. Entourage is about as lame as it gets. Sorry if I just insulted your favorite actor and/or tv show, but you’re a boring person and it needed to be said to your face for once.

  34. Albin Bainbridge

    I’m conflicted. On one hand “Entourage” is a boring and repetitive show, on the other hand Rogen is a boring and repetitive actor who owes his career to that hack Judd Apatow. They both suck equally hard, so which side do I take?

    @ 12

    You had me until you said “Weeds” was good. That show is nothing but a bunch of 2-dimensional cardboard cutouts making hackneyed sex, pot, and race jokes. So now that I think about it it’s pretty much on the same level with Rogen and “Entourage”.

  35. Booya!

    @34 Your mom is like The Hills, except for guys!

  36. Charlie Caligula

    # 36 is the fucking man. How do people eat this stupid, posturing shit up?

  37. yeayurr

    Entourage is funny
    Seth Rogan is not funny

    that’s final…

  38. yeayurr

    Entourage is funny
    Seth Rogan is not funny

    that’s final…

  39. Acer

    Seriously, some of you actually admire, nay look up to the sh$t that’s on cable….my gawd, Rogan or any of them aren’t anything to idolize…but defending the tripe that Entourage embodies?

    You have no clue what the author of this site really thinks, do you? Carry on Lemmings.

  40. Acer

    The downfall of the American empire is well under way. Perhaps you’ll catch it on HBO in 10 years…

  41. Anal Bead

    Now thats how you get pink eye!

  42. frankie steel

    A bunch of middle-aged losers on a blog are worshipping a bunch of middle-aged losers on HBO. Pathetic and sad middle-aged white guys.

  43. Phil

    Entourage is like Sex in the City for dumb white guys

  44. jcj7161

    Entourage and Rogan are both over rated….so everyone on this post can suck arse

  45. uh

    Entourage has gotten worse and worse. Ari is overdone, the whole Lloyd thing is retarded and boring, and about 95% of the show is now devoted to their relationships. I don’t watch teen soap operas for a reason.

    Weeds also has started sucking more and more.

    And Seth Rogen isn’t “fascinatingly ugly”. He’s not perfect, but women tend to be less superficial, so his sense of humor and nice-guy appeal make up for it.

  46. DCMikeRotch

    Entourage is opium for douchebags and Seth Rogen is opium for hipster tools.

    But for defending anything remotely related to Katherine Heigel and/or a formulaic romantic comedy, Seth Rogen is a fag.

    Entourage wins.

  47. Amrcanpoet

    #21 – No pot in Knocked Up? WTF? Did you even see the movie? What about the scene where he runs out of the house to save his bong during the earthquake? Yeah, I’m sure it was for tobacco.

  48. Harold

    @21 Not to mention Pineapple Express, which you conveniently forgot, which is ALL ABOUT POT!

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