Britney Spears still hates bras and other news

July 20th, 2009 // 31 Comments

- Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys has cancer. I thought I’d start off depressing then work my way up. [PopEater]

- Gwyneth Paltrow is pissed Scarlet Johansson made the cover of Entertainment Weekly for Iron Man 2 and she didn’t. Although, in Scarlett’s defense, listening to her talk would be worth the sex. Gwyneth… I dunno. [The Blemish]

- John Mayer knows the way into Jessica Simpson’s heart/breasts. And it doesn’t involve steak. I’m speechless. [Lainey Gossip]

- Jeffrey Donovan blames Benadryl for his DUI. [Just Jared]

- Lindsay Lohan attempts to ward off the paparazzi with a squirt gun. I guess Sam’s penis wasn’t nearby. Who knows? [Celebslam]

- Tom Cruise went clubbing with the Beckhams last night. I wonder what’s that like? Besides the perpetual hiding of ACME dynamite in Victoria’s purse. Ha, that wascally Tom. [PopSugar]

Photos: Fame

  1. good god get a new weave

    Man she needs to lay off the cheap hair weaves

  2. I get stabby

    Get well Adam!!!

  3. Maynard

    Here’s Britney flashing her pussy on stage. Filmed on her concert in Helsinki last week. Check from 0:40 ->

  4. I get stabby

    Get well Adam!!!

  5. -Lex

    Her flys undone.

  6. Jose

    still sexy but not quite enough intentional exhibitionism Brit. Ill keep coming here to check up on your wonderful bralessness just turn it a lil please. In fact comon girl just get naked for us :)) before ya lose that hot ass again and your kids get too old. If thats not possible please keep wearing great braless tit shirts :P

  7. God


    Quit fucking with your hair color. If I’d wanted you to be a brunette I wouldn’t have invented bleach.

    – God

  8. gab

    Uh oh. Brit is looking a lot like she did before the BIG meltdown. has anyone besides me noticed that Brit and Kate Gosselin look alike and have similar body types?

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  10. Britney’s hair extensions are KILLING ME. If you want hair extensions that don’t look like spaghetti, see my website :)

  11. Anon


    the pictures of her getting a McDonalds on her way to a manchester gig posted on here also had her flies undone.

  12. britney

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  13. Darth

    She’s starting to look more and more like Katie Holmes.

  14. Galtacticus

    Doesn’t she know that head lice can be treated well?

  15. Gando

    Has one of her kids been playing with her hair? Or maybe K-Fed was a bit bored?

  16. Marty McFly

    Why is her zipper down? What was she doing to herself in the car on the ride over? Was she sticking Krispy Kremes down her pants for later?

  17. Imagine what her hair is going to look like when she gets older. That is if actually remains. All this f**cking about with her hair really can’t be good for it now, can it.

    BTW I too wonder what it would be like to go clubbing with Mr Cruise and the Beckham’s. Fun night all around I would imagine… :)

  18. EB

    1. I noticed that Britney’s nips are pointing in opposite directions. Is one of them magnetic?

    2. Lindsay: In the old days, she could probably squirt from her vag. Now that it’s all stretched out from overuse…..

    3. Tom & The Beckhams: Bend it like Hubbard…..

  19. As a young Britney Spears differed chaste. But in adult life many of her actions have caused me a shock. But she was able to overcome difficulties in their lives, and now once again stands at the top of the pop industry. I really like her songs, most of which I downloaded from this web-page mp3 music .

  20. yomomma

    You’d think she could afford to pay someone to do her goddam hair before she walked out of the house! Bitch is still a hot mess

  21. katya

    At least she is young and attractive-unlike Madonna

  22. Sarah

    Did anyone notice that her zipper is down?

  23. Still she is looking so nice but some what old. Hey but that tshirt is not suits on her. Don’t know what is happening to britney .

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  26. Brit still sexy but not quite enough exhibitionism intentionally. Sick to come here on your wonderful bralessness check just a lil please turn it live. Really comon girl to get naked just for us:) Or that hot ass and lost his children are old enough before). If thats not possible, please keep the great shirt braless tit:

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