Kendra Wilkinson’s inflating breasts and other news

July 17th, 2009 // 30 Comments

- Jake Gyllenhaal’s Prince of Persia official photo looks Middle Eastern. Not counting Jake. [Lainey Gossip]

- Nick Lachey has never stopped loving Jessica Simpson. Which is why he’s going to need to bang a bunch of strippers before deciding to get back together. Because of all the love. [Celebslam]

- Jim Cavaziel was in a motorcycle accident caused by a crazed lunatic throwing a bicycle at him. Dammit, Mel! [PopEater]

- Katie Price might star in a remake of Baywatch. Huh. So there is a legitimate use for her. Weird. [Just Jared]

- Lauren Conrad mocks Heidi Montag’s Playboy cover. Wait. Did Lauren Conrad just do something interesting? Or did I take the bad acid again? Shiiiiit. [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Zac Efron is learning how to scuba dive. Will he bang a mermaid or a merman? Only time will tell. (Note: Go near Ariel and I’ll cut you.) [PopSugar]

BONUS NEWS: The Most Fucked Up Thing I’ve Read All Day.

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  1. JT

    Foreget KEndra and her fake ass titties oh and first!?

  2. Kendra & Hank make a cute couple!

  3. Gwen

    Okay, no. Just, no. That CAN’T be true.

  4. evianobaby

    Kendra could actually look quite classy there, if she covered up the cleavage which just screams “porn!”

  5. evianobaby

    btw the comment that lauren made about heidi was about the implants saying “they’re not going to pay for themselves” which is rude, vindictive and funny.

  6. evianobaby

    Anyone else think that kendra looks like ‘seven of nine’ from star trek in these photos?

  7. Delgo

    no trekkie

  8. pure evil

    Persia (Iran) isn’t in the middle east, its in Eurasia. I guess being a misogynistic douche doesn’t make you smart. Nice one SW.

  9. Orion Pax

    Persians ARE NOT WHITE!! Where ever you consider Persia to be in the world. Jake Gyllenhaal as a perisan. I heard Tom Hanks is gonna be in a Spike Lee movie next year called, “The last Nigga on Earth”

  10. PAZUZU

    Ummm, Time for a history lesson quarter wits: With the overthrow of the Sassanian dynasty in AD 641 (that’s a hell of a long time ago by the way) by the Arabs and the conversion of the country to Islam, the history of ancient Persia ended. Anyone currently claiming to be from Persia is likely to be trying to avoid modern stereotyping with regard to Iranians (bummer). Maybe you guys should crack a book before shreiking at each other over a culture gone for nearly 1500 years.

  11. devilsrain

    11. The persians I know refer to themselves as Persian, not Iranian. So yea they probably dont know what theyre talking about and you do. Congrats smart ass you can use the internet machine.

  12. uh

    Sexist and superficial by day

    Experts on the history of Eurasia and the Middle East by night

  13. Galtacticus

    Though she looks more ‘square’.I can’t see much of the pregnancy yet.

  14. Darth

    This is the way how she looks in about 25 years.

  15. linda

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  16. MissGrundy

    15 Darth–Your command of the English language is atrocious.
    7evianobaby–not on her best day could she compare to the fine ass that is Jeri Ryan
    Forget history lessons here, waste(gigantic waste)of time. Who cares

  17. your mama

    Stupid white boys lose another one. Nobody wants a flabby, psycho boring white boy with a hairy back

  18. gowankyourself

    White boys lose another #18? Actually, this african american is having Hugh’s sloppy seconds–a white guy with a wrinkled cock–sucka.

  19. Nero

    Aren’t there enough humans on this planet yet?

  20. gowankyourself

    There are more than enough–kill yourself!

  21. Darth

    A girl her age gotta think on her pension!

  22. StEvec

    she’ll dump his ass as soon as he gets cut from the Eagles…..he’s a marginal player

  23. stats

    kendra looks cute in that dress

  24. Pilatunes

    God, who the fuck would want to end up with one of Hef’s sloppy seconds. GROSS!

  25. Don’t care for these pics. You see? Mischa Barton could probably wear her hair like that. Not Kendra. All I see is nose and eyeliner and beach balls now.

    Last pic: Yo yo look I made a beige baby! Whattup whattup yo yo yo!

  26. @ 7 evianobaby – She reminded me more of Jimmy Durante, or maybe Joe E. Ross from “Car 54 Where Are You?”. Except with melons stitched into them.

  27. “I heard Tom Hanks is gonna be in a Spike Lee movie next year called, “The last Nigga on Earth” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

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