Pamela Anderson is classy and other news

July 16th, 2009 // 39 Comments

- Ivanka Trump is engaged. Great. Now where am I going to find a young, billionaire sugar mama with awesome breasts? Even if Donald makes another baby today, I’ll be almost 50 by the time’s it 18 which means I’ll have to be the rich one. Stupid cockblocking capitalism, I hate you! [PopEater]

- Adrian Grenier and Ashley Greene continue to pretend they’re not dating. Sort of like how Emmanuelle Chriqui and me are rocking it. I mean, not rocking it. Wink. [Lainey Gossip]

- Michael Jackson apparently had an insane collection of naked actresses from the 20s to today. — Christ, he was misunderstood. [The Blemish]

- Gerard Butler is getting tired of rumors that he’s dating Jennifer Aniston. For the last time, people, he’s only sleeping with her when he’s drunk. How about a little respect? [Just Jared]

- Batista of the WWE rocks a Speedo on the beach if you’re into that sort of thing. Rupert Everett. I went there. [Celebslam]

- Taylor Lautner talks about bulking up so he could keep his role in New Moon. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson skipped showering for the eighth day in a row and banged 25 women in his hotel room because the universe is a bitch. [PopSugar]

- David Beckham’s kids want tattoos just like him. Really? Have they looked at their mother? Because that’s what David’s tattoos got him: Falcor with Breast Inflating Action. [ICYDK]

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  1. ilurvsbeer


  2. Mr.Nevermind

    No one cares about this bag do they?

  3. who really cares she’s still super MILF

  4. No more douches please

    #4– And please enjoy the Hep she’ll pass to you with all that blood.
    One more Klukie down, yea!

  5. No more douches please

    Well, way to go for pulling the previous #4. I guess there are some standards after all.

  6. gleek

    pam’s look does not age well…when will she just quit the bullshit? look at her hands in the last picture for one is going to hire her to do porn anymore. that woman needs to learn to age with dignity. she is almost as pathetic as shauna sand.

  7. Veronica

    actually you don’t have to wait 18 years for another Trump heiress, his daughter with Marla Maples, Tiffany Trump (urgh, that name!), should be about… 15? 16? I’m sure she’ll go to the same plastic surgeon as Ivanka.

  8. yo

    im sorry pammer but ur done. u look like a fucking hag. thats the only word left to describe you. those eyebrows scare the piss outta me.

  9. GeorgeWBush

    @6. gleek

    Have to agree; she’s starting to look like Cloris Leachman

  10. superpenis

    i would mount her with my giant rock hard penis

  11. hamper_lint

    I still like her … we are all aging.

    Anyway, to #4 there is not one case in the USA that proves a FEMALE gave HEP C to a male via sex.

    Get your facts straight.

  12. titsonsnack

    She looks like diseased dookie. Oh, but I know, “I’d still hit that”, right guys?

  13. Lain

    I read somewhere how Ivanka’s breasts are 100% fake, along with her nose.

  14. Not too bad

    Ya gotta give Pam-o some cred. With all that fucking makeup on, she isn’t that bad. The funny thing is, I always thought the first thing to go would be her face. sure, it’s starting to look leathery as hell, but, from the looks of it, her body may beat her face to broke down city. Bitch is starting to sag, bad. Shit, that belly, arms and hands. Bitch is definitely turning into a “ten corona” kind of whore. Sure, still bangable, but definitely getting to last call real quick. Not so long ago she didn’t look that bad. All that fucking sun. Take the money and run, Pammy, because you have 2 years left, tops!

  15. No more douches please

    hamper_lint– I’d like to just say you’re a moron but you didn’t see the original post #4, wherein a sadistic ass talked about beating Pam until she bled and then breaking her jaw etc, etc etc. My comment was to that prick and seems out of context without viewing his entry, hence the next comment I made.Hep C IS transmitted through blood(I didn’t say sex you moron), so I’ll just figure you as ignorant because you missed the earlier post.
    You moron

  16. penis

    I like to stick my flaccid penis in her mouth and let her blow some life in to it.

    And what or who is the Amy Winehouse look-a-like in the back of pic 2?

    Now that is what i call fucked up.

  17. Kmm

    I hate leather. I bet her twat looks like an old banana peel in the dirt. It’s probably like throwing a hot dog down a hall way.

  18. Poor thing

    OMG. Poor thing…. I honestly feel so bad for her. She’s aging rapidly and in a horrible way.

  19. Nero

    Who’s this delightful creature?

  20. Galtacticus

    Since when is she a member of an Amazon indian tribe?

  21. Dread not

    The bragging rights alone are enough to get the soldier ready for battle, are you kidding? Pambo’s still a mandatory belt notch.

  22. dirk

    Word on the street is that she does deep knee bends on a fire hydrant and asks if it’s in yet.

  23. FACE

    Will someone please tell this hag that it is over?

  24. Deacon Jones

    @4 and previous 4


  25. The Jerk

    Didn’t she die already? I couldve swore 4chan posted that info weeks ago…

  26. Lucy

    the majority of comments about Pam being played out are on target. but not for nothing, she’s got two kids in school, who walks around with her crack being displayed thanks to a low riding tube dress??? oh and regarding Batista of the WWE rocks a Speedo, I guess he can because with all those steriods, his small junk fits nicely in a tiny bathing.

  27. Mama Pinkus

    someone needs to sit this gal down and tell her that age-appropriate clothing can be very sexy

  28. Courtyardpigeon

    see…I told you all that the sun was good for your skin

  29. redsonja1313

    HOLY HAIRY ARMPITTS !!! Buy a better razor Pammy that second pic in full size is NASTY. I think maybve if she just embraced the aging process and looked to enhance what is left she would look decent. But trying to stay ever youthful when your kids are voting is just sad

  30. sri

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  31. your mama

    She’s aging better than most white women.

  32. Jeeze

    What on God’s Green Earth is she wearing in those last pictures? I mean, we expect the bikini bra, thong, and whatever the hell she cooked up as a “skirt” in the first pics; but seriously, what the hell is that wrinkled, completely ill-fitting, dollar-store-fabric rag that she’s sporting in those last four pix? I mean, it looks like they had an interesting idea, but it is SO VERY not happenin’. And that color makes her look like the hepatitis is rearing it’s ugly head again. Sweet Frickin’Jesus. AAAck.
    Kudos to her for cutting down to just one pound of eye makeup, though.

  33. just look at her

    Okay, I’ll say it again- pencil thin eyebrows = BAD.

    (which only gets EVEN WORSE as you get older…)

  34. Ivanka. I wanted that Onassis spawn, Athina. She married that horse dork.

    …What beautiful pictures…RAARF

    @33 Jeeze – Looks like her tummy imploded…space and time are being sucked into the singularity…

  35. Hugh Gentry

    I would mount her with my half-flacid penis.

  36. The Gathering Storm

    She looks so OLD and UGLY … her first Playboy shoot was the only good pics she ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Pam’s age is not a good look … When he will leave just crap? See previous image for chrissake his hands .. Someone to hire him no longer being obscene. That woman needs to learn age with dignity. It’s almost as pathetic as the Shauna Sand.

  38. Oskari
    Commented on this photo:

    Pamela is still hot, very hot for her age! I am just 18 but hell yeah if I had the chance I’d bang her :D

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