Pamela Anderson is classy and other news

- Ivanka Trump is engaged. Great. Now where am I going to find a young, billionaire sugar mama with awesome breasts? Even if Donald makes another baby today, I’ll be almost 50 by the time’s it 18 which means I’ll have to be the rich one. Stupid cockblocking capitalism, I hate you! [PopEater]

- Adrian Grenier and Ashley Greene continue to pretend they’re not dating. Sort of like how Emmanuelle Chriqui and me are rocking it. I mean, not rocking it. Wink. [Lainey Gossip]

- Michael Jackson apparently had an insane collection of naked actresses from the 20s to today. — Christ, he was misunderstood. [The Blemish]

- Gerard Butler is getting tired of rumors that he’s dating Jennifer Aniston. For the last time, people, he’s only sleeping with her when he’s drunk. How about a little respect? [Just Jared]

- Batista of the WWE rocks a Speedo on the beach if you’re into that sort of thing. Rupert Everett. I went there. [Celebslam]

- Taylor Lautner talks about bulking up so he could keep his role in New Moon. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson skipped showering for the eighth day in a row and banged 25 women in his hotel room because the universe is a bitch. [PopSugar]

- David Beckham’s kids want tattoos just like him. Really? Have they looked at their mother? Because that’s what David’s tattoos got him: Falcor with Breast Inflating Action. [ICYDK]

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