Madonna’s tour claims a life

Part of Madonna’s “Sticky and Sweet” stage set collapsed today in France leaving one person dead and six injured, according to BBC News:

Technicians were setting up the stage at the Velodrome stadium in Marseille when the partially built roof fell in at around 1715 (1515 GMT).
The concert, planned for Sunday, 19 July, has now been cancelled, officials announced.
The cause of the accident was not clear.
The roof “started shaking and collapsing” gradually, said Marseille city councillor Maurice Di Nocera.
“Since it did not collapse right away, that allowed several people to get out, to avoid being hit,” he said.

A likely excuse. Until the autopsy reveals the body had no bones. DUN DUN DUNNN!

But, no, seriously, condolences to the family who has to rationalize why their loved one died trying to light a one million year old dancing corpse in a top hat. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Photos: WENN
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