Janet Jackson might get custody of Michael’s kids

July 16th, 2009 // 60 Comments

In a surprising logical twist, Janet Jackson is emerging as the potential custodian of Michael’s children Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket, according to OK! Magazine:

“All three want Janet to read to them at night,” a Jackson family friend says. “They just melt into her arms when she walks into the house.”
The feeling is mutual, adds the insider.
“Janet has completely bonded with those children in the last two weeks,” the friend continues. “She has been their rock. It’s clear to everyone that they are looking to her for comfort and guidance.”
One concern raised is that at 79, caring for three kids might be too much for Katherine, a problem eased by Janet’s presence.
“Janet is not only willing to raise those children, she is also the only relative who knows how to protect them,” the insider tells OK!. “Janet knows the value of a private life and knows how to keep her personal life out of the news. She is determined to do that for Michael’s children. She is saying that he would want no less for them, pointing out how far he went to shelter them.”

This is actually the sanest thing I’ve heard come out of this debacle. Which is amazing considering I expected to hear something along the lines of Joe Jackson only hanging one of the kids off a balcony for not moonwalking right. But mostly on account of the arthritis.

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  1. Thats some bullshit

    I actually think this a really good idea.

  2. lolo bond


  3. Karen

    She’s going to get really fat.

  4. MJ is rolling in his medium size skivvies…

  5. hmmmm

    Agreed, shes the youngest. and probably the closest thing they’d ever get to what they had.

  6. Alyssa

    The kids are gorgeous.. omg
    I hope they get to lead a normal life. As normal as it gets at this point

  7. Melissa

    Those kids need to lead a normal life…I pity their situation and I find it disturbing how everyone is fighting for them when they just lost their father. They will never know what ‘normal’ is or how to live like other children, that’s just plain sad.

  8. steve

    If she wants to be a true substitute for Michael, when she tucks the kids into bed she needs to be wearing a strapon.

  9. LPB

    I’m in …Contro-ol! (cue car crash sound effect).

  10. foster care this

    Give the little bastards to me. I will teach those little whiners the value of “shut-the-fuck-up!” I hear the circus is in town and I could take those testtube freaks out on the road and make some serious coin. Their act would be covering themselves in blankets and hanging off the highwire. Then they could spend the next 10 minutes chasing a monkey around the ring. The finale would be them singing “we are the world” while tapdancing on a gold coffin shaped like a Pepsi can.

  11. biz

    Janet Jackson is using the girl’s crying as a photo op.

    If JJ really cared about the little girl, she’d have turned them both away from the crowd.

  12. Melissa

    #9 You have either no soul or heart, or you lack a conscience…one of the three.
    Seriously though…do you have sick fantasies about young children being raped? Victimized? That is what you are implying by making a comment like that…why else would you write something regarding children being sexually taken advantage of, unless you yourself have been victimized or you are the one victimizing children….you are more fu#%ed up than MJ himself…I just feel sorry for you now!

  13. mel

    hurray janet!

  14. Thats some bullshit

    # you truly are a scum sucking douchebag. Go fucking kill yourself you pathetic bitch.

  15. Thats some bullshit

    #10 you truly are a scum sucking douchebag. Go fucking kill yourself you disgusting cunt.

  16. havoc

    I guess the question is…who would exploit them the least?


  17. £it

    In pic #1, just how Janet didn’t poke that little girls eye out with her nipple sunburst ring is a miracle. And MJ died WAY TOO late for Prince 1′s liking. The free gropes and phantom breast feeding reflex toward, Aunt Janet’s tits are gonna be harder to come by and explain away, now that he’s older.

  18. Havoc, Janet wouldn’t exploit these kids one bit!

  19. Awesome! Now Jermaine Dupri has someone his size to play with.

  20. Good God Almighty

    Those kids adored their dad; you can plainly see that. And he adored them. It’s awful what they are going trough right now. My heart literally aches for those kids. You can see how close Janet and the kids are. I hope this all works out…it would only be right.

    Go Janet! Take those babies and help them always remember their daddy for who he was and what he went through to get to where he was. Not what our shit-pot of a society made him to be.

  21. mikeock

    That rules out Angelina and Madonna then.

  22. mikeock

    That rules out Angelina and Madonna then.

  23. mikeock

    Do those fucking Jackson’s have a patent on that bizarre Keebler elf nose? They all have the same damn nose.

  24. You'reafunnyrady.

    Once was sufficient. And even then it wasn’t funny.

  25. rich

    @23….that’s some funny shit!!

  26. amanda

    i agree w/havoc, sad as it is right now its all about who would exploit them least

  27. evil weezel

    Enough of the the Jackson family shit, get over it and rive on. He wasn’t Jesus Christ, Mohammed or Barrack Obama. he was a circus freak and he has taken his last curtain call.

  28. dirk

    Doesn’t she already have a small toddler named Jermain Dupree?

  29. Vince Lombardi

    Great! They can trade in whatever psychological disorders they were destined to have for eating disorders! Good for them! Nutrisystem is much cheaper than therapy.

    On the other hand, without Joe Jackson’s “magic belt of talent” those kids will never develop into super entertainers – unless Janet let’s Gramps come over and administer regular beatings. Decisions, decisions.

  30. heartless

    it’s a shame you can’t put kids down like we did to my grandma’s cats after she died.

  31. Anonymous



  32. wundersmack

    It all sounds lovely, except for the part where it says they’ve really bonded “over the last 2 weeks.”

    Two weeks? Really? Were they not family before?

    If all it takes is 2 weeks, send them to my house in Montana for a 2 week vacation. I’d love to adopt them and give them a chance at a normal out-of-the-spotlight life.

  33. Champ

    Madonna and Angelina dont want them
    - they arent black and from another country.

  34. yo

    janet kinda looks like she wants to laugh in that pic.

  35. yo

    janet kinda looks like she wants to laugh in that pic. and why the fuck are they wearing sunglasses inside a dark building. i know they r trying to look all grim and sad but thats a little ridiculous. The whole thing seemed a little forced to me.

  36. sin

    With the people available as guardians for these kids, Janet actually sound like a good idea. Other than the Super Bowl incident, she is the best of the bunch. These kids would have a chance to grow up somewhat normal.
    Michael Jackson was a twisted pervert, but these kids deserve a chance.

  37. Superbiggerevil

    So who gets to look after Bubbles and Emanuel Stewart???

  38. Valerie

    “Janet knows the value of a private life and knows how to keep her personal life out of the news.”

    Right, except that one incident on National television with Justin Timberlake…

  39. Rene

    This would be best, Janet is obviosly not going to have kids and she seems to have the kindest heart, these kids need a stable home fast before this whole custody thing really screws them up.
    of course she has made her mistakes,cough, cough….superbowl but that is the past, just keep them away from that psycho Rowe

  40. Michelle

    This is a better idea than with Grandmother, she is way too old to look after them and for how long?

    I’m still annoyed at Paris being exploited at memorial. Why put a grieving child, that until her father’s death no-one knew what she looked like, in front of the world to tell them what a good father he was? Disgraceful!

  41. Jesse Jackson

    That’s not Janet. It’s really Michael. He’s wearing the same suit that Eddie Murphy did in Norbert. He’s fooled you all.

  42. FACE

    When did Jesse Jackson become an idiot?

  43. Matthew

    @ #1 I agree is a good idea

  44. Angie Loves Anal

    #40. Hey, at least they didn’t throw her on top of the casket. Common, you know Joe was thinking about it.

  45. STL Hawkeye


    Does my arm pit smell like Michael’s?

  46. Evey

    @32 – my exact thoughts! 2 weeks? Seriously! This whole thing is so messed up, I feel so bad for those kids it’s hard to know what’s right for them.

  47. Abi

    most of you disgust me, and it’s not just now.
    The ppl on this site have sickened me. He was found INNOCENT at court. He had nothing to prove to you sick arseholes.
    Can’t you just sit still for ten minutes and then say how you feel.
    no point in slagging my comment down. I never come back anyway, so I wont be checking up on reasons to disageee

  48. Melli

    one must expect the regularly impotent of any gnads to suddenly have the courage to spew their most remedial negativism in the hopes of pissing someone off enough to actually make relevant -for about a second, if only to the commentors here, . if you don’t like the post, don’t give it a spotlight -derrr.

    anyhoo, I am positive one minute that Michael is a pedophile. Then the next I think he can’t be that stupid to actually show what he revealed with the bed sharing and actually be guilty. I am certain we will never know. What sux, is that those kids have to grow up with the constant ridicule of the big question mark that is their dad’s legacy. Ick. I wish we would all just kick the shit out of maculy culkin.

  49. Jason Bonham

    Three relatively normal looking kids surrounded by freaks wearing sunglasses.

    You have to think that these kids are being raised by vampires.

  50. liv

    seeing blanket hold onto that michael jackson doll just makes me want to cry! its so obvious they loved their dad dearly, and i agree that janet should take care of the kids mainly because she stepped out of the limelight and was closest to michael.

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