Ines Sastre in a swimsuit

July 16th, 2009 // 52 Comments

Here’s Spanish actress/model Ines Sastre on the beach in Marbella Tuesday. You may remember her from such films as Par-delà les nuages and Estela Canto, un amor de Borges which was practically the Spanish version of The Dark Knight. Minus the parts with Batman and the Joker.

NOTE: Apparently, Ines is currently the face of Lancome. — Why not?

Photos: Splash News

  1. fucker

    first haha losers

  2. fucker

    first haha losers

  3. sam hain

    WTF? that’s not a bikini…

  4. Taz

    id tap that!

  5. sam hain

    that’s not a bikini………………..

  6. Duuude

    This is really the best you can do? Some old chick I’ve never heard of wearing a one-piece? This shit used to be funny, but then you at least had a lot of nudity in place of the humor. Now? Neither.

    Its obvious this site has been in a decline but this is just getting ridiculous.

  7. Look at those ripples! :P

  8. Ann

    First, not a bikini. Second, that suit looks hideous on her. Third, who the fuck is she and why are you posting this?? This looks like anyone’s sorta-kinda-maybe a little hot Mom. Big meh. :p

  9. ugh

    okay, this time I am kinda annoyed. She’s not attractive, I have no idea who she is, she’s not famous in this country, and it’s just a picture of her at the beach. Honestly, it is kinda getting old.

  10. Rach

    why does she have such a fat vagina? :S ew

  11. The Jerk

    Did I click on the wrong website? I thought I was looking at chicks in bikinis, not a telemundo webpage with people who can barely speak english, let alone wear bikinis that cover their whole body.


  12. coke and a smile

    @ #10

    Maybe that is where she had that Coke bottle stashed?

  13. Jack

    I wish I had a bulge that big.

  14. Ann again

    Are you trying to impress Gywenth Paltrow by posting a Spanish actress? Or are you trying to give us readers some “culture”. Maybe you’re thinking some of us will google her and then rent one of her movies and be so very impressed by your international taste in film. There has to be some reason for this post other than this site is just beginning to suck that hard.

  15. Skully

    she looks like she is smuggling tires.

  16. Superbiggerevil

    Never heard of her.

  17. LawnGnome

    Superficial has been finding a lot of hoochies lately that I’ve never heard of. That being said, I’d hit it if it was near me.

  18. Rabble Rouser

    Lets entertain ourselves

    #13 What’s the matter with you jack? were you in a horrible cheese grating accident?

    Hey #11 thanks for stating the obvious. Go fuck yourself

    #8 lighten up sugar tits. lets see some pictures of you.

    #6 go find a site you like better. nobody is asking you to comment here.

    #1 & 2 Your wit has no rival. Bravo you beautiful jack ass.

  19. j_bryon

    It’s my professional opinion that the water must be COLD!
    Great nipples, I’d love too see her topless!

  20. Tucker Jay



    you made my day!

  21. Delgo

    Sexy legs in pic 7… what?

  22. Geoff

    I am Latin, and I don’t even know who she is. No other celebrities known in this country wearing a bikini this week fish?

    #18, you seem tense, go suck some cock and swallow some man cream. That might relax you a bit.

  23. nipolian

    She may want to get a doctor to take a look at whatever is going on with that camel-toe in pic 6.

  24. smackattack

    you people CRACK ME UP – I’d like to see some pics of you at the beach you bunch of fat ass computer geeks
    if you google her (yes, I did) she has an unbelievably beautiful face, and her body is real…for a real body (not the body of a 21 year old with fake tits) she is beautiful..dudes, this is what a real woman looks like – A WOMAN, not jail bait with implants

  25. DrThrasher

    I agree. I would not hit it. Her knees are way to sharp.

  26. lol

    she has nice…


  27. You'reafunnyrady.

    @18….TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!!! You’re awsome; whoever you are!

  28. You'reafunnyrady.

    “lighten up sugar tits.” HAHAHAHAHA, Whew!

  29. Misty

    Call me crazy but I really think she’s wearing a maxi-pad under her “bikini”.

    Am I?

  30. Galtacticus

    Is this a corset or a swimsuit?

  31. Darth

    Is that an elegant dolphin in the 11th photo? Or is that Ines Sastre?

  32. e-rock

    @ #24- smackattack- actually she DOES have implants. She’s not 21, but she does have implants, and looks gorgeous too!! I don’t know what everyone is complaining about, she looks great!! Healthy, happy looking, I enjoyed staring at her!!

  33. Seriously, would you like to wake up next to face in picture #5?


    She looks like Fire Marshall Bill…

  34. Mama Pinkus

    not sure who she is but she would do much better with more support on top and perhaps a darker color swimsuit

  35. Huh

    I would love to be president of the FUPA club.

  36. cavy

    10. Rach

    Fat Vagina?! I don’t even know what that means, but I think it’s funny as hell! LMAO!

  37. pinecone


    @30 – ummm why would she be wearing a maxipad under her bikini? it’d just soak up water and not serve its purpose

  38. nw

    She is only unknown to uncultivated morons.

    She used to be not so ugly (litote and euphemism):
    (for instance).

  39. EuroNeckPain

    Ines has been in every magazine for the last 10 years and more. If you saw her face with makeup, you’d recognize her.
    I knew a guy who had been at University with her (litterature). He was so proud, although she probably never noticed him. He was an ugly short fat guy. However he would say “ha, that’s my friend Ines !” everytime he saw an ad with a closeup of her.

    And by the way, you shouldn’t complain that you have to put up with people who are not famous in your country. Other countries are forced to put up with the latest C-list bastard/cunt produced by the US showbiz industry.

  40. Wow

    This woman is neither fat nor ugly. Sorry she has some class and isn’t wearing dental floss to cover her naughty bits. You just have to look at these pictures to see that this woman also loves life and THAT, my friends, is genuinely beautiful.

  41. renee gaude

    Uh someone said she’s not even pretty…..uh yeah right

    check her out here

  42. Is she aware that she is donning a one-piece? What year is this ’56? Also, is that her child? Doesn’t she know kids are OUT!!!
    The Rake

  43. Nice titties, but her belly is really schlubby.

  44. #42 I’ll grant you that she cleans up pretty good.

  45. speak_to_a_gyno_now

    fat vagina? Is that a medical term? I’ll look it up on WebMD

  46. Lola

    Ines is the Lancome model…helloo

  47. JW

    For all the dumbasses commenting about a “fat” vagina, it’s a real issue that affects about 25 percent of women. The pelvic bone actually protrudes outward, so there’s nothing “fat” about it…just a difference in skeletal composition. Quit being such assholes. Not all women look like the Hustler pics. If she were a vapid reality star, maybe your criticism is justified, but come on, this woman is just the face of Lancome, not Heidi Montag.

  48. run

    Pic 6….

    Run kid, run for your life…… we ain’t sure what it is either but with teeth on it like that, it will fuck you up and spit you out.

    Nice pointies though… is it my time to breast feed??

  49. Ya Mum

    Looks like she thinks beach swimming is a full contact sport and has forgotten to remove her hector.

    I’m used to a much higher quality from this site. Is this the start of the decline? Scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.

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