Justin Timberlake: ‘Robert Pattinson is sexier’

Apparently not even Justin Timberlake can withstand the sheer, brooding beauty of Robert Pattinson. E! News reports:

Jessica Biel’s BF took to his Twitter last night to answer some looming questions. Among them was this gem: “Why aren’t you sexy like Robert Pattinson?”
Justin, who sees himself in 10 years “through a mirror and with more wrinkles,” responds, “Because God loved him more than me.”

Obviously, there’s a simple way to prove who’s truly sexier: Make them mate and have a baby together. Then, after five years, whichever one the kid chooses to live with at the end of a controversial custody battle is the winner. (Or whoever doesn’t get shafted with weekends.) Got all that? Okay, go! Make that JTimPatz baby.

Photos: Splash News