Justin Timberlake: ‘Robert Pattinson is sexier’

July 15th, 2009 // 50 Comments

Apparently not even Justin Timberlake can withstand the sheer, brooding beauty of Robert Pattinson. E! News reports:

Jessica Biel’s BF took to his Twitter last night to answer some looming questions. Among them was this gem: “Why aren’t you sexy like Robert Pattinson?”
Justin, who sees himself in 10 years “through a mirror and with more wrinkles,” responds, “Because God loved him more than me.”

Obviously, there’s a simple way to prove who’s truly sexier: Make them mate and have a baby together. Then, after five years, whichever one the kid chooses to live with at the end of a controversial custody battle is the winner. (Or whoever doesn’t get shafted with weekends.) Got all that? Okay, go! Make that JTimPatz baby.

Photos: Splash News

  1. JimmyLou


  2. Death2Speidi

    Robert Pattinson is repulsive. I do not see the appeal whatsoever. JT’s ma boy!

  3. Justin Timberlake

    One of the first few!

  4. I may not be as handsome as either of these two ass clowns, but I can jump rope with my cock, so I feel like I’ve won.

  5. Richard McBeef

    I will take a giant shit on this pre-teen vampire phenomenon.

  6. Max Planck

    Other than maybe a bath, I don’t see a difference, sorry.

  7. TwinGangsters

    Other than the giant cock in RP’s mouth, I don’t see a difference either.

  8. RPG u are the man for me!

  9. Rodham

    Brown bag…baloney sandwich no doubt.

  10. OoohhhhhYES!

    @4……Suuuure ya can.

  11. #10 – I didn’t say I could double dutch or anything… that would just be completely unbelievable.

  12. Geoff

    Will never understand why people get so wet when they see Robert Pattinson. I actually prefer Justin over Robert ANYTIME. I’m gay, and when he was playing Cedric in Harry Potter, I would still find Hermione more attractive than him.

  13. OoohhhhhYES!

    @11….Sweetheart, the first post was just as unbelievable. But you’re funny, so you get credit for humor! :)

  14. awesome

    Meh, this is like Timberlake wearing those goofy glasses and the porkpie hats. He’s just trying to prove he’s got style and charisma and stop being a teen idol, maybe get taken more seriously. And really, it’s working for him. As a straight guy who was a teen during the N*sync/Backstreet Boys days, I have to say I’ve really grown to respect the guy.

  15. #13 – It’s really unfair of you to make fun of my mutation… and the fact that I trip a lot…

  16. Zed

    “Obviously, there’s a simple way to prove who’s truly sexier: ask Barney Frank which one he wants as a summer intern.”

  17. hmmmm

    Some people are meant to wear suits, some just can’t pull it off. Pattinson looks like a tool in these pictures. Slimmer, euro cut suit and a skinny tie may have been a better look, but I think he just does better with the dirty white trash look.

  18. OoohhhhhYES!

    @15….Shoooooo Shorry. Have I see you on TLC?

  19. Are you referring to the adult series titled Terribly Long Cocks? I don’t talk about my past…

    #16 – HAHAHAHAHA

  20. taylor

    have to admit, he’s smokin’

    but I find it funny that even in a suit, he’s still rumpled.

  21. BrandiLye

    Justin is getting on my freaking nerves. He knows full well he’s sexier than Robert, Twilight movies and all.

  22. OoohhhhhYES!

    @19…It’s really unfair of you to put “terribly” and “cocks” in the same sentence.

  23. lefag

    @22, I think “Terrifically” would be a better word. After all, they are terrific!

  24. OoohhhhhYES!


  25. yaknow

    whenever I see people having a conversation on superficial comments, I can’t help but wonder if it’s just one person with a lot of time on his hands.

  26. Okaaaayyyy

    If that’s what you think, it sounds like you have a fair amount of time on your hands yourself.

  27. gotmilk?

    17, i think he’d look even better naked and underneath me.

  28. Annie Rexia

    Hey 16, I’ve got a better idea. Teleport both these douchebags back to Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment, say, around 1987, and see which one of them comes out alive.

  29. Luz

    @ 27


  30. PunkA

    Still have no idea how people think this dude is hot. Cedric Diggory is not all that. Skinny, pale, small penis. But hey, whatever floats your fat, ugly 14 year old boat.

  31. Biel

    Justin is not that hot to be honest. but his attitude and how he carries himself is what he is about and what makes him te man. Physically, Justin is ok. But Timba, he is the man.

  32. uh

    Robert Pattinson is hotter IMO, but maybe if I were a teenager during the 90′s I’d like Timberlake. He’s always seemed like a total douchebag to me though.

    And stop with all this “skinny and pale” crap about Pattinson. Any guy vain enough to body build and use tanning beds is probably gay or at very least bi.

  33. mizzty

    Justin is far more attractive and talented, and occasionally gracious. Nobody finds Robert Pattison inherently attractive they are just in love with a fantasy character from a book by a retarded mormon for even dumber girls.

    @12 seriously! When Goblet of Fire came out I thought “wasn’t Cederic supposed to be really good looking and Krum kinda rough looking? Why is Cederic so fugly and Krum so hot?”

  34. I dont like either one all that much, but if I had to choose I would definitely take Justin any day. Honestly I dont see how Twilight got to be so big of a deal, I read the books of it which were alright, but the movie was dumb and I dont have high hopes for the rest either.


  35. Laura

    Neither one of them is hot to me. Rob is too grungey. Justin is uglier than hades and a douchebag to boot. YUCK.

  36. Jess

    #30, I totally agree, it’s all about Justin’s sexalicious attitude.
    Even Robert himself has said he’s nothing like his Twilight character and he’s a total nerd/loser/douchebag irl. Poor Kristen having to put up with his shitty creepy weird-guy approach to getting her to date him. An ultimatum? Puh-leeze. She aint interested.

  37. Albin Bainbridge

    @ 26

    More like a fair amount of penis on his hands. OHHHHHHHHH!!!

    @ 32

    It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Yes, ultra-tan bodybuilders are lame, but so are ultra-pasty skinny dudes who star in bad movies.

  38. DD

    Make Justin’s response: Because he had the insight to take that sparkly vampire role, which at first glance seems ridiculous… and then again it’s still ridiculous at second glance…

  39. Darth

    I’ve no idea who’s more sexy.They should both keep a contest in staring.Sunglasses are not allowed.

  40. kim

    Just one thing:


    That is all.

    “God loved him more than me… plus he’s British.”

  41. Cuch

    Someone’s on drugs or sipping too much of the bottle….JT is def got it going on!!

  42. £it

    Hey, JT. If God loved RP more, he wouldn’t have made him British. Bwahahahahahahaha. Besides, last time it was reported, you were layin’ the pipe to, Jessica Biel. God’s definitely on your side, my man!

  43. sol

    STOP to speak bad about Robert. He is amazing and intelligent.

    You are only boring, sick people.

  44. MS

    JT is ten times sexier than Rob Patterson. I dont see the appeal! I just dont get it. He is not really Edward Cullen you stupid teen girls!

  45. I’ve got nothing against JT but when did some skinny little dork with a bunch of tattoos whose probably gay become the ultimate sex appeal. So some guy who looks classy and understated and likely doesn’t feature a bunch of tribal tattoos on his nipples (hello “tribal” = the losing team anyway”) is suddenly mr thing. When you compare the flash in the pan to the somewhat repulsive but still remarkably enduring ability of tom jones to have all them hoes it’s kind of laughable anyone even cares. Angelina Jolie is the same IDB but we all want to merry Gretchen Mol.

  46. @number 4: good luck never having sex with a woman, ever.

  47. LEB

    Sad to see JT bow to greater, younger beauty, but kudos to him for manning up about it. I’ll take Rob with a side of mashed potatoes, please.

  48. James

    PunkA, how could you possibly know whether or not Pattinson has a small penis ? Bitter much ? Plus girls all over the world love that, hot girls and ugly girls. Even grown women go nuts for him.

  49. LOL

    Little late here but couldn’t help but laugh. Somebody needs to let these haters know it’s obvious you have self esteem issues otherwise you wouldn’t be saying negative things. Megan Fox herself has stated how attractive this guy is and she’s actually met him. Not stared at candid snap shots of him from a computer. And any guy in the world will tell you they’d rather have 1 girl that looks like her into them then a million girls that look like you. Post pictures of yourself and let us critique you. Otherwise stfu.

  50. Some people are meant to wear suits, some just can not delete it. Pattinson looks like a tool in these pictures. Slimmer, a slim Euro cut suit and tie might be a better look, but I think he just does better with dirty white trash look.

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