Jon Gosselin opens up about new girlfriend

Despite the Gosselins issuing a statement that they’d no longer be issuing statements, Jon decided to talk about his relationship with potential gold-digger Hailey Glassman in the latest issue of People and also shot down rumors of their engagement. Via E! News:

“Hailey and I have been family friends for several years and only very recently began dating,” Jon Gosselin explains. “What began as friendship has grown into something more.”
He goes on:
“I genuinely enjoy spending time with her. It’s nice to be with someone who I can confide in and trust and who accepts me for who I am.
Now, the TLC reality star understands that parading around the French Riviera with some new ladyfriend right after filing for divorce is kind of a douche move, but he just wants everyone to understand he’s a regular guy and that’s what regular guys do to move forward.
“I know that my decision to appear publicly with Hailey this weekend will be scrutinized, but I hope that people can see I’m a regular guy who is going through a very difficult time in [my] life and wants to move forward.”
However, Jon denies any engagement plans to the mag, “No. We’re just having a cool time and enjoying each other.”

While I, for one, am a firm believer in the healing power of banging college chicks, I’m also a firm believer in not riding a motorcycle dressed like a 15-year-old cocknozzle. Mostly because it tends to limit access to the aforementioned healing powers regardless of how quickly you can pull up your bank account on an Ed Hardy iPhone. (You know he has one.)

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