Jon Gosselin opens up about new girlfriend

July 15th, 2009 // 114 Comments

Despite the Gosselins issuing a statement that they’d no longer be issuing statements, Jon decided to talk about his relationship with potential gold-digger Hailey Glassman in the latest issue of People and also shot down rumors of their engagement. Via E! News:

“Hailey and I have been family friends for several years and only very recently began dating,” Jon Gosselin explains. “What began as friendship has grown into something more.”
He goes on:
“I genuinely enjoy spending time with her. It’s nice to be with someone who I can confide in and trust and who accepts me for who I am.
Now, the TLC reality star understands that parading around the French Riviera with some new ladyfriend right after filing for divorce is kind of a douche move, but he just wants everyone to understand he’s a regular guy and that’s what regular guys do to move forward.
“I know that my decision to appear publicly with Hailey this weekend will be scrutinized, but I hope that people can see I’m a regular guy who is going through a very difficult time in [my] life and wants to move forward.”
However, Jon denies any engagement plans to the mag, “No. We’re just having a cool time and enjoying each other.”

While I, for one, am a firm believer in the healing power of banging college chicks, I’m also a firm believer in not riding a motorcycle dressed like a 15-year-old cocknozzle. Mostly because it tends to limit access to the aforementioned healing powers regardless of how quickly you can pull up your bank account on an Ed Hardy iPhone. (You know he has one.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. Que

    Que good dad.

  2. Amy

    He has to be the biggest douche in all of the universe. Ed Hardy + motorcycle + plus fat ass + no job + 8 children + young (yet extremely unattractive) female = DOUCHE

  3. Amy 2

    MID-LIFE CRISIS TIME! Except…he has no money to splurge….he’s only in his 30′s and has 8 kids under the age of he just looks pathetic…

  4. What

    Who the fuck cares?! Are you getting paid to post about these retards or something?!!?!

  5. Joe

    Move forward = banging new girlfriend in Carribean while nanny watches 8 kids.

  6. Zee Brat

    I salute you Fish. For using only the douchiest pictures of Jon. Good job Sir. Good job.

  7. DeviousJinx

    I actually used to side with this guy considering the cuntbag, neutering wife he had to deal with, but I’m very rapidly understanding why she snorted at him like a pig and beat him down when I see the trashy fugly skank that he’s banging and his douchey Ed Hardy shirts…Kate’s silly putty ass isn’t looking AS BAD anymore, although she could still use a good punch to the throat to shut her naghole up!

  8. Jen

    I am *so* happy Jon has chosen to “open up” about his new girlfriend. It doesn’t look like she opens up enough.

  9. Jesse Jackson

    If you shaved his head he’d be a dead ringer for Mr. Potato-Head. Maybe his next show should be Jon + Kate + crack whore. No wait, that doesn’t rhyme. Jon + Kate + skank? Closer, but not quite. Need a word that’s rhymes with runt…

  10. No more douches please

    #1thru4 Absolutely true. Don’t know what to add
    Wish I had his phone # to post so everyone could call direct and inform him what a HUGE DOUCHE he is!! The effect on the kids makes me puke.

  11. lame

    “She accepts me for who I am”… what is he, fucking retarded? What that fugly famewhore sees in him, is definitely not what he’s thinking. At least he found himself an emotional cripple to feel compatible with, though.

  12. Mon

    “Wahh wahh wahh, Kate put me in the spotlight” “Boo hoo, I never wanted this publicity!”

    Actually, I think he wants the attention just so he can keep showing the public how “cool” he his now. Kate’s bitch, no more! Because nothing screams “hip” like a soccer-dad in bedazzled Ed Hardy, ear-piercing, cigarettes and bloated gut.

    Heh, maybe he should hit up her parents for a tummy tuck too.

  13. Cash

    We really needed 8 photos of this cock-smith riding around on his douche mobile?

  14. Galtacticus

    He reminds me a bit on Brad Pitt on his motorcycle. . . Cough,cough.

  15. alex

    I’m all for leaving that cunty ball shriveling shrew of a wife and those bastard kids for banging a gold digging college skank, but at least get a better looking gold digging college skank. I mean she looks better than the last gold digging college skank he was banging, its a step up, but aim higher. with his “fame” he could be banging strip club quality gold digging college skanks.

  16. Darth

    Is he trying to be like Brad Pitt?

  17. huh?

    guess he’s now a walking ED HARDY billboard.
    The model father for the 21st century!

  18. Awesome Andy

    That Ed Hardy crap must be some one of the worse clothes ever created.
    Who acutally wears that shit?

  19. Good God Almighty

    @4…You do realize you’re on a GOSSIP site don’t you? What the HELL is wrong with people?

  20. moi

    @13 hahaha douche mobile, the helmet really adds to it as well.

    I look at these pics and think wtf what did Jon and Kate ever see in eachother….they are so different. I’m not a big fan of Kate either but It seems unfair that Jon gets to change his life drastically while Kate has to be the “Mom”. Not all guys would act like this, flaunting their 22 year old play thing around so soon after divorce proceedings, his excuse is lame. Yes move on with your life and date but it takes a special bread of douche to be that insensitive imo.

  21. Rhialto

    The kid looks as cantankerous as the parents are.

  22. ok

    I give up on this guy. Theres nothing that can be said that hasnt already been said, but I need to speak my mind..

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more desperate mid-life crisis in my life. Motorcycle, girl 10 years older than him, douchebag clothing, earrings, hanging out with douchebag fashion designers. Wow, talk about a perfect storm of douchebag behaviors.

    I felt sorry for him at first, but come on dude, do you really have to drag around this trashy whore days after filing for divorce? He’s not only looking like a douchebag, but affecting his kids. They’re going to know about all of this. They’re going to see the photos of daddys new whore on the internet, the ones where shes acting like a fucking stupid college slut doing drugs. Ugh, what a fucktard both of them are.

  23. Nero

    @21 Sometimes you just realize all of sudden.This never might have happened.

  24. havoc

    Well…#22 pretty much summed it up nicely….


  25. Mon

    #7: Couldn’t agree with you more! I used to feel bad for Jon and sided with him after seeing all of Kate’s nagging and criticism. Now she’s actually looking like the better of the two! The best thing she can do now is keep quite about his antics, because he’s making a fool of himself quite nicely on his own.

  26. Ed hardy wardrobe = douche bag. There’s really nothing more to say.

  27. i dont' get it

    yeah, i don’t get why you keep posting about this retard. he looks like he has down syndrome. i just don’t get who are the retards that actually watching his show!

  28. Junior

    Daddy, why have you got my potty on your head?

  29. big teeth

    Who knew what a turn for the rancid this turd would take? I used to think him a good natured, but hen-pecked and nagged, fellow who was bearing up under a large responsibility. Now, he’s just a rotten douche who does not deserve one kid, much less eight..

  30. sally

    I’ve always thought most chinos are CRAZY and this is living proof. Also, he’s got some complex goign on, because i’m sure he’s ding dong is small since he’s got some asian on him and he probably feels all macho and tough riding that bike, thinking he is super cool…stick to your roots and ride a bicycle!!

  31. sally

    I’ve always thought most chinos are CRAZY and this is living proof. Also, he’s got some complex goign on, because i’m sure he’s ding dong is small since he’s got some asian on him and he probably feels all macho and tough riding that bike, thinking he is super cool…stick to your roots and ride a bicycle!!

  32. Douche alert

    The ironic thing is that Ed Hardy designers are probably pissed that Jon has single-handedly made their clothing line jump-the-shark. Nothing like a desperate soccer-dad to make your clothing line appeal to the cool crowd.

  33. fuzzy Tingle Times

    I love how his clothing and other wares seem to get more and more douche baggy every photo op.

  34. DeviousJinx

    #32 – Not sure where you’re from, but the only people around here that actually wear Ed Hardy are desperate soccer dads and douchebag middle life crisis havin’ assholes! Ed Hardy is probably thinking CHA-CHING because that seems to be their target demographic!

  35. oh dear

    They made fun of Ed Hardy in a ZAC EFRON movie! (17 Again). Jon thinking that this makes him look cool is even worse than when Kate thought she was hot stuff with the “sassy bob”.

  36. I’m not sure if anyone noticed that distinct scent of Summer’s Eve when they clicked on this douche…

  37. Shara

    Jon should star on the next Rock of Love…he makes Bret Michaels proud

    Motorcycle – check
    Sex with a skank – check
    Douchy Ed Hardy clothes – check
    15 minutes of fame – check

  38. Aimee

    “family friend” huh. ladies, just goes to show, your man’s female friends will be all over those sloppy seconds the minute you toss it.

  39. Aimee

    #16, yeah, it’s called a mid life crisis. When you spot that first gray pube you go through denial about getting old by ditching your wife and start riding motorcycles -the latter of which is essentially a penis on wheels.

  40. Venom

    What a douche.

  41. He looks like he has down syndrome…not trying to be mean, but some asians look that way…not attractive.

  42. He looks like he has down syndrome…not trying to be mean, but some asians look that way…not attractive.

  43. frankly...

    Dear Jon,

    You have your balls back, that we know. But how about celebrating in a little class, shall we?

    1) Hire a personal trainer. When one yearns to revive their youth, strive for a youthful figure. More so, spare tires are very unbecoming to ladies of the younger generation.

    2) Instead of Ed Hardy, use your reality-famous money for something a little more slick. A little Armani goes a long way.

    3) Date up. We understand the need to make your ex-wife jealous with a younger woman. But not a 22-year-old trainwreck. Let’s aim for a 26-year-old sexy librarian type.

    4) Upon divorce from suburban life, we all want to separate ourselves from the mini-van. And although buying a new set of wheels will always be cliche for a new bachelor, at least invest in a luxury car. A Mercedes perhaps? Your options are many, yet a hog is not one of them.

    Until these introductory steps are followed, you continue to make a fool of yourself, thus rendering attempts in asserting your new found virility counterproductive. More importantly, not only will you justify years of nagging and criticism from Kate, but you have made yourself an easy target for many laughs and jeers from you ex-wife for months to come.

  44. PS5725

    Hey it’s not nice to talk about this guys gaungs like that! I’m sure he doesn’t have any, because that pusscrotch he’s dating is only 22 and already leading him around like a goon. This dude is less than attractive, and I don’t care how much money he has, it would be hard to find anyone man or woman who would crawl on that tiny eraser in his pans. ” I don’t think He even has the Pencil to be called a pencil dick.” He’s short, fat, and just palin stupid.
    I hope his first old lady reams his ass, he deserves it!

  45. dink squeeze

    The next person who calls Jon a “douche” is a DOUCHE! God get an imagination! DUH!

  46. Rae

    Everytime I see him I cant stand him more and more. Hang in there Kate and the KIDS

  47. Kill Him

    Kate could get rid of this tart in two minutes. All she has to do is tell John that he get the kids the whole summer.

  48. Albin Bainbridge

    @ 20

    In one of the earlier episodes Kate said that she is attracted to Asian men and that she immediately wanted to be with Jon at first sight. Honestly, I don’t see how anyone can look at Jon and immediately desire him, and he dressed like a jackass in his youth too. Gelled, spiked hair and sunglasses.

    @ 35

    Damn, when Zac Efron makes fun of the clothes you wear you know you’ve hit rock bottom.

  49. evil cat

    I smell male menopause

  50. hes having a mid-life crisis

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