AnnaLynne McCord can only act in a bikini

July 15th, 2009 // 38 Comments

Here’s AnnaLynne McCord, Jessia Lowndes and Jessica Stroup on the set of 90210 Tuesday, and why is it that AnnaLynne is always the one in a bikini? Are the Jessicas’ characters supposed to be dudes? Because, honestly, that’s the only explanation I can come up with. Well, that, and AnnaLynne’s belly button wards off Aaron Spelling’s ghost who keeps moaning “Tori killed me…” during shooting. That shit’s gotta be annoying.


  1. adfadf


  2. blah


  3. haha

    haha. in photo #7, you can see the stick-on silicon push up/enhancer cups sticking out. she is always wearing on of these things – just get a boob job, already, girl.

  4. haha

    btw – even with that stick on bra, they still look pretty small/not very nice. :(

  5. dumpmyload

    They’d look better plastered with a load of my hot baby batter all over them.

  6. kitty_kat


    Ugh. This site is really starting to suck. Its all random (and not famous) women in bikinis. Boring if you’re a member of the female sex (which probably accounts for more than half of the people who frequent this site).

  7. Crapcakes

    Agreed. But the phrase hot baby batter was worth the jump

  8. Galtacticus

    Only the one who fit this bikini is allowed to act.It’s a bit Cindarella like.

  9. Rhialto

    Her shoe size is 14 but the bikini fits her perfect!

  10. Darth

    Are these shots of the 90210 audition?

  11. roxy

    This girl is so freaking hot, but I bet she’s an evil bitch in life.

  12. Joe

    I would love to stick it to this one.

  13. Thats because that bod was made to be in a bikini…the chick looks comfortable in every pic…

  14. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  15. mikeock

    Something just stirred in my pants.

  16. mike

    That belly button looks like a small penis trying to stick out, or a third eye, or Quatto’s breathing hole.

  17. poormans

    Katy Perrys giant breasts followed by this? A juxtaposition, very artistic.

  18. akakak

    jessica lowndes is much hotter,just saying..,

  19. Ultimate Women Challenge teaser video:

    Coming to NBC this Fall

  20. Nero

    Is this her bikini? Or is it just her skirt and bra?

  21. Yet another generic beeotch from the ol’ Hollywood puppy mill…

  22. Boogeyman King Dong

    I gues these bitches forgot to shave their bikini line.None of them is dressed in serious bikini pants.

  23. mel

    yeah honestly I really dont care about these people in bikinis, sometimes i dont mind but every other post is bikini this,. boob this..

  24. Gando

    They’re trying to hide their penises.

  25. Darth

    It’s an old trick to hire trannies to make cuts in the production costs.

  26. The Jerk

    Seriously who the hell really wastes their time watching 90210 ver 2.0 anyways other than pubescent teens who barely have seen or have no idea what pubes are. I’d rather watch BET than this shit..and thats really saying a lot.

  27. havoc

    Three of my favorite things:

    Young, pink and tight….


  28. Alex

    I’m surprised there isnt a bigger discussion about her fake plastic boobs. Granted, her perfect legs and ass make up for a lack of boob but are those nasty plastic things necessary?

  29. Wilber

    Horse head.

  30. Corky

    Can only act in a Bikini?

    And yet , I’m good with that!

  31. Sotto Cinco

    She’s tight.

    I love her banana eating picture.

  32. hahaha

    can only act in a bikini. like she can act. haha. actually I’ve never seen her try…

  33. jlylec

    35th. I’d fuck her.

  34. inspectahdank

    she’s way too skinny and it’s kindaaaaa grossing me out. good thing she isn’t at lindsay lohan status… yet. who by the way, is QUITE the hot mess. and has almost slept her way through hollywood- check out her list of hookups-

  35. mongo

    Does she do Annal?

  36. I’m surprised a big discussion about his fake plastic boobs isn’t. Granted, her right leg and ass to make up for lack of owls, but of those nasty plastic things are necessary?

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