Katy Perry’s breasts are huge and other news

July 14th, 2009 // 46 Comments

- Shia LaBeouf is jogging shirtless again. Somewhere Megan Fox almost got turned on but had sex with Brian Austin Green instead so he’d run to Starbucks for her. [Lainey Gossip]

- Hugh Hefner is out of his fucking mind. (In case Jayde Nicole’s face wasn’t proof enough.) [Celebslam]

- Lindsay Lohan’s fall Fornarina ads look exactly like her. If she was a vampire with more than -50% body fat. [Pink is the New Blog]

- Hayden Panettiere hates being a celebrity. Which is kind of funny considering she’s really not that famous. Not counting Munchkin Land. [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Hunter Parish (Weeds) poses for the August issue GQ. Jesus Christ. Who isn’t in that magazine this month? At this point, I’d bet money my grandmother has her own spread with Pauly Shore. — Okay, maybe not with Pauly Shore. Let’s keep it realistic. [Just Jared]

- Leonardo DiCaprio hearts the environment by riding his bike around London. In related news, Leonardo DiCaprio was raped today by a gang of British women in a HUMMER…. [PopSugar]

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  1. Hotbox


  2. Hotbox

    Sorry gang. Never had the opportunity. Never tried to have the opportunity. It just sorta happened. You know, the classic ‘girlfriend f@cked your best friend’ excuse.

    In relative news, her boobs are nice but Wonderbra’d up. She’s still annoying too.

  3. vanhalen

    Rack of what…??

    Nice…. :-)

  4. bryan

    i’m okay with Gigantanourmous titties

  5. _me


    Thanks for the boobies!



  6. Teri Hatcher

    They’re real and they’re spectacular.

  7. Beetlejuice

    She has the perfect face and body. I would gladly sniff her asshole and lick her filthy armpits.

  8. uh

    I wish she sang Lady Gaga’s songs. If you put the two together you’d get a decent popstar.

  9. DJ

    #6 is gay or a country dumbass. I’m a girl and I would do illegal things to her!!!!!!!! She is the hottest thing on earth.

  10. rich

    #1 Get a life.

  11. die

    @11….. sucker.

    Now fuck off and die..!!

  12. Taz

    i want to tit pump her

  13. photoshop

    Anyone able to photshop pic 3?

    Shouldn’t need too many guesses what could be done to it.

    Nice cans by the way…. the pink ostrich looks like he is enjoying himself too..!!

  14. Racer X

    Soft like pillows.


  15. No more douches please

    Ah yes, now we all know #13 is quite a douche.
    I’m sorry- DOUCHE!
    Oh no, I meant DOUCHE!!
    Did I spell DOUCHE!! right, I meant DOUCHE!!!

  16. Hotbox

    #11 Stick a big black cock up your ass.

  17. Tom K

    Love them!

  18. Tom K

    Love them!

  19. tom?

    Tom… are you saying you like big black cocks up your ass?

    So much so you had to tell us twice how much you enjoy it….!!

  20. Darth

    Are the authorities aware that this lick monster has escaped?

  21. Boogeyman King Dong

    That’s my cousin,why is she posted here?

  22. Katy Perry is a douche

    Katy Perry is a try-hard wannabe. Everything about her is so false & clearly nothing comes naturally to her. I once liked her, now I find her a total fuckwit. I want to smash her in the cunt.

  23. She’s udderly amazing, but im afraid she might be what #24 is stating,,,hopefully not…

  24. The Jerk

    Im suprised Katy Perry has managed to survive the 15 mins of fame, even with her idiotic song shes only known for and always will be while she pretending to be some wannabe Dita Von with boobs.

  25. Darth

    Her eyebrows are a bit bristly.

  26. uh


    She’s not trying to be Dita at all… Dita is a burlesque dancer who dresses 100% authentically as a woman from the 40′s. Katy is a singer who dresses in lots of stylized outfits, and she briefly had a phase where she tried to look like a 50′s pin-up.

    Multiple people are allowed to have black hair and pale skin without ripping each other off…

  27. She looks like MJ with Boobs .. xD

  28. Sotto Cinco

    Motorboat like hell

  29. kalla

    ew i see 2 pimples on her chest

  30. Ananana

    Lindsay looks like her mother. And not in a good way (just in case ANYONE thought there was a *good* way…)

  31. The Jerk

    @28… and yes those black haired, pale skin people are the emo goth kids who apparently hide their feelings inside a blog on twitter,facebook or myspace while they keep claming to be “different”. Im guessing you must be one of those as well.

    And she’s not trying to rip off anyone per say, shes just failing at life and music, which is nothing new at this point..I mean has any of her music other than “I kissed a shemale” been played on the radio? Wait, nevermind I dont care either way what she does.

  32. inspectahdank

    i LOVE katy perry!!! she can rock her big boobs and outlandish costumes. unlike lindsay lohan, who’s big boobs just look weird on her skeletal body. lindsay is gross- and this list just proves it- http://www.ranker.com/list/lindsay-lohan_s-loves–and–hookups/celebrityhookups

  33. I love all the model which is most sexy and much want sex

  34. ralph

    No talent whore

  35. farty mcshitface

    i like her. she is pretty, has a nice body with nice legs and almost always wears nylons. that gets good marks in my book.

  36. Rocco

    Katy Perry is purrfect and smart sexy gorgeous,flawless,she got the body of sexy goddess,those are some amazing funbags,I want live between them,boing

  37. ETphonehome

    F**k off to anyone dissing KP.. That is talent, with those tits and that mouth. Did I mention the ass as well?
    I guess she sings too!!.. but I’m only in it for masturbation material.

  38. Martina

    Again, what exactly does Katy do? A singer, really? I thought I saw her last week on Ventura Boulevard, at the door of a “modeling agency”.

  39. Pilatunes

    A pretty girl singing bubble-gum pop in mediocre fashion. Weehaa. Yes, I like her body, but please, let’s not pretend she can sing.

  40. @37 – Nylons. She spices up perfection with a bit of mystery and anticipation.

    I wish some of these banged up hags with zombie turkey legs would wear Kevlar tights or something.

  41. Mr. Nice Guy

    I love Katy! Will keep buy tickets to her shows.

  42. Nice photos.

  43. Im surprised Katy Perry survive 15 minutes of fame with her silly songs, and always will be only for known breast while she’s pretending to be some wannabe Dita von shes.

  44. Lily

    She is far from a D or DD like she claims. Her pics have been posted next to women with DD’s, and Katy’s only about a B. She wears padding and gel inserts to make them look bigger. She doesn’t have any talent, so what do girls w/o talent do? Play up their looks. That’s why she’s always talking about her boobs and her so-called “hourglass” figure, which has also been proven not to be true. She has somehow managed to convince everyone that her B cups are DD’s. It’s like ppl don’t have eyes!

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