Karolina Kurkova is pregnant

July 14th, 2009 // 31 Comments

Seen here just three weeks ago, Victoria’s Secret model and belly button-less wonder Karolina Kurkova is six months pregnant, according to People:

“Supermodel and actress Karolina Kurkova and her fiancé, film producer Archie Drury have announced that they are expecting their first child,” the statement reads. “The couple have been together for a little over a year.”

Remember the good ol’ days when models did so much heroin they were practically barren? What happened with that? Did we lose a war or something? Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve been harvesting heroin in my love dungeon non-sexual sun room for the past five years. Here model, model…

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  1. amanda

    i guess she dosnt have to worry about her bellybuttion popping out in her 3rd trimester…

  2. amanda

    ok, so i cant spell today…

  3. uh

    I’m not feeling the coat-dress.

  4. my goodness, kid rock and this kurkova person look like twins.

  5. Buzz

    Another babe bites the dust!

    I hate kids!

  6. Good god! Do not click on the link for #5! There’s a lunch and a keyboard I’ll never get back…

    Though I’m not surprised it looks like a freakin’ pack of Skittles, ’cause you know, some people like Skittles more than others…

  7. titsonsnack

    You fuckin idiots, pregnant babes ensure future babes. Keep ‘em all unspoiled and barren and pretty soon the world is populated with nothin but a bunch of uglies, and geriatric former models.

  8. D4P

    When I think Country Music Television, I think Sheryl Crowe, Kid Rock, and Karolina Kurkova.

  9. dk

    Give me her adress so I can send this dumb bitch some food, Christ! The babies gonna look like a crack head. That being said I wouldnt mind putting those twigs bhehindher neck n burying my cock in her

  10. bot

    She’s a handsome woman.

  11. #7. …and yet your dumbass continues to click on my name. and dry hump my comments. please go die.

  12. Geeez Danny… that hurt. I thought you fat people were supposed to be jolly?

  13. The fact that I’m not fat tarnishes your insult. And here I was thinking that ugly and grotesque looking people never get hurt…ya know, because they’ve become immune to the stares and taunts. Guess I was wrong.

  14. Heh heh heh… “tarnishes your insult”… someone’s reading “How to Sound Smart Whilst Blogging”… I give that comment a 3 out of 10, but that’s only because cellulite scares me.

  15. Vince Lombardi

    The photo of Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, and Karolina Kurkova got me humming that Sesame Street classic “One of These Things Just Doesn’t Belong Here.”

  16. blur

    Oh dear. Archie Drury is a scientologist. Bye-bye Karolina.

  17. gotmilk?

    fading victorias secret models getting knocked up is all the rage!

  18. I cant believe cousin it is banging kelli pickler…

  19. Jimmy C

    Anybody notice in picture #1 she has lightning shooting out of her snatch. Devil child maybe?

  20. Go Baby, Go!

    Methinks she chugged the Bob Rock cock.

  21. Go Baby, Go!

    Methinks she chugged the Bob Rock cock.

  22. Ugly Swan

    She stopped being cute years ago.

  23. Phony

    She’s got an ugly Russian nose and mouth. I don’t think she’s Czech at all. Czechs also don’t have kids because the world is so ugly and full of sickos that want to takeover their beautiful golden city.

  24. DCMikeRotch

    DAMMIT, damaged goods…

  25. Darth

    For which airlines is she working?

  26. Galtacticus

    Is this the latest KGB fashion?

  27. JLC

    finally, someone else noticed the lightning bolt from her vay-jayjay.

  28. He got an ugly Russian nose and mouth. I do not think the Czech’s at all. Czechs do not have any children because the world so ugly and sickos that want to acquire their beautiful golden city is full of.

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