David Duchovny shirtless and other news

July 13th, 2009 // 33 Comments

- Mel Gibson directed his pregnant girlfriend’s new video. Surprisingly, it doesn’t involve torture and/or Jew hating. I’m shocked. [PopEater]

- Hugh Jackman gets it. ScarJo and Ryan Reynolds do not get it. [Lainey Gossip]

- Emmanuelle Chriqui’s breasts turns women into lesbians. [Celebslam]

- Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan got married, and I debated whether to include them here, the shortbus of posts. Read into that what you will. [Pink is the New Blog]

- Jon Gosselin smokes cigarettes now. I will pay him $25 million to ash in Kate’s porcupine do on the first post-divorce episode. And by $25 million I mean this doodle of a naked Kim Kardashian telling me to land the Millenium Falcon on her ass. [Just Jared]

- Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had a date night just like a normal couple. Until they threw gold bricks at puppies. I’m kidding. Just Nicole did. Because she’s dead inside. [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Britney Spears choreographed the newest song on her tour herself, so if you’re a ticketholder, prepare yourself for three-to-five minutes of dancers kicking toddlers in the face to get at a pile of french fries. [PopSugar]

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  1. Ljutefisk

    I can’t fap to this.

  2. 159

    Where’s Robert Pattinson?

  3. timmy the frisky virus

    Fish, you really outdid yourself with that Britney comment. Bravo.

  4. Randal

    David, just wanted to take the time to say you’ve really turned yourself around after going to therapy and may you continue down the road of success that you’ve always been able to find. Great to see that smile again too!


  5. drawstring

    Daivd… pic 3… pull your fucking pants up freak. That poor girl ain’t interested in seeing the lonely sea snake you have hiding in your pants.

    Perhaps if you lost some weight you fat cunt your pants might fit you.

    Less beer and start working out buddy..!!

  6. JungleRed

    Right, so we’ll let this hot mess troll on the beaches, but not the preggos.

  7. OhYes

    Mm-mm. More Duchovny, please!

  8. Richard McBeef

    Someone with art talent please draw a picture of the millenium falcon on kk’s ass.


    The Britney comment is MONEY! I laughed so hard. Thank you.

  10. That joker needs some sun. He needs to lay out for a week.

  11. pop

    He needs to stay off the Pop Tarts.

    Fat cunt he is..!!

  12. Erica

    That is actually the perfect body IMO. Not too skinny with too defined muscles, a little bit of meat on him, yet muscle definition.

  13. Captain Han Solo

    Jesus. Make all the spelling and punctuation mistakes you want here on you little booby blog, but for fuck’s sake DO NOT MISSPELL THE NAME OF MY SHIP!!! Even Chewie can spell that shit right, and he’s retarded.

  14. Gando

    He works out and that’s why he likes the beach and the water.

  15. Darth

    Lots of people don’t care in what shape they are.That’s landscap pollution,unless you really can’t help it.

  16. Nero

    He should get hanged for 2 minutes to stretch out his neck a little more.The rest of his body is allright.

  17. wtf

    Do people really think that is a fat body??? Jesus, he looks great.
    He is the only person in Hollywood that I would ever have sex with. He’s hot.

  18. uh


    Wow, so guys call obviously fit people fat also. I thought that was just an insecure lady thing.

    Guys that are too chiseled and defined just seem gay to me. Duchovny is hot.

  19. amoi

    Duchovny is hotter with clothes on. Preferably a suit.

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  21. Montana

    My wife told me that if I had six pack abs I could sleep with other women.
    I said, “I KNOW.”

    …wrong answer.

  22. yeah, most dudes are better with their clothes on.

  23. dciple

    uhm where do u see fat ? the man has f*cking tight abs, I wish I have abs
    like that when I’m 50

  24. me

    I wish I was fat and out of shape like him.

    @ 5 & 11 do you type stupid shit just to be asses?!!!!!

  25. Trish

    I love David Duchovny so so so SO much.

  26. lol

    lol @ fat comments

    most of you commenting look like 360lbs of chewed gum,
    bunch of fat stupids

  27. Sabrina

    Who is the black child with Hugh Jackman?

  28. STL Hawkeye

    Anyone heard when Californication is coming back on? Maybe my favorite show.

  29. he looks great! IMHO!

  30. look great with little muscle…

  31. I have really enjoyed browsing your posts. Thanks for sharing this information. Someone on Yahoo Answers referred me here and I love it.

  32. David, just to say you really turned himself around after going to therapy and you continue down the road to success may be that you have always been able to find time to take was. Great to see that smile again!

  33. David Duchovny Shirtless
    Commented on this photo:

    Umm…..love me some Duchovny.

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