Lindsay Lohan has a production company? How the hell…

It took me about three days to process this information, but apparently Lindsay Lohan has her own production company with her fashion-line partner Kristi Kaylor called Unforgettable Prods, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

The duo are developing several projects including a TV show called “Faux Real,” described as “Entourage” for the fashion world.
There’s also a game show involving dating tentatively called “That’s What Friends Are For” and a “docu-cause” TV show the pair will produce in conjunction with a charitable organization.
Kaylor said they’re also in the midst of optioning a couple of books — one for film and the other for TV.
Lohan and Kaylor intend on weaving digital media into everything they create at Unforgettable.
“We’re taking a 360-degree approach,” Kaylor said. “Lindsay is 23 years old, and she’s so plugged in to mobile media.”

“Plugged into mobile media?” Really? I had no idea coking your face off then Twittering on your BlackBerry was considered a marketable trait for a production company. This has to be the worst investment idea I’ve ever heard, and I once spent my life savings trying to teach Sea-Monkeys to rob a bank. Dammit, why couldn’t their little fins hold a gun?!

Photos: WENN