Britney Spears really wants you to see her breasts

July 12th, 2009 // 40 Comments

Here’s the perpetually braless Britney Spears arriving in Copenhagen Saturday. I’m no psychologist, but I’m pretty sure there’s a direct correlation between the amount of breast Britney shows and how fucking crazy she currently is. Judging by these pics, I’d say we’re roughly one areola away from her filming a sex tape in Mexico with Jason Trawick. Then again, I honestly don’t know what else those two could possibly do together. I doubt Britney’s the Scrabble-type unless I missed the part where she learned to read and not mistake game pieces for candy. No, really, her kids are still waiting for Mouse Trap to work its way through.

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  1. Erina

    Really… Again?

  2. Anon

    As long as it’s not her pussy again.

    Actually I don’t want to see her saggy deflated tits either.

    Why can’t this be Jessica Simpson

  3. tyler

    she can do no wrong, love her.

  4. metrosexual guy

    Why does she look so masculine compared to me?

  5. roxy

    In fact, Britney’s been a very good girl recently. As I see she’s not crazy anymore, she’s a sexy mama and her tour is going very well. Wish her all the best :)

  6. Bert

    Someone should shoot this bitch and save her kids from a Michael Jackson lifestyle, Redneck version.

  7. amoi

    Is the sorta overweight older guy in the pics with her this Jason person to whom you refer? Or is that a bodyguard? Her taste in men seems to swing wildly across the spectrum of… uh, men types.

  8. Galtacticus

    Is our mobile atm in the region? That’s a good timing!

  9. amoi

    I found my answer (Google of course) and am somewhat relieved to see that Jason is younger and better-looking than the dude up there. I infer from these pics that anyone can be a bodyguard, as long as you’re tall.

  10. Anexio

    Sorry, I don’t see any teat.

    But I do see some flapjacks. Got any bacon?

  11. I vaguely remember the time when I wanted to see her breasts.

  12. erect

    Do you think i would be allowed to stick my stiffy in her tight ass hole?

    …………….\m/ \m/ ………………………

  13. joe m

    No 27 year old woman has boobs as firm as they were at age 17.
    That’s life. Deal with it.

  14. vito

    Britney Spears and I finally have something in common. She wants to expose her tits and I wanna look!

    However, my eyesight ain’t what it used to be so I may have to use Braille to get the best look at them.

  15. jojo

    why does she always look like crap????

  16. mel

    So does Jayden know how to walk, or…

  17. missywissy

    yeah, those kids are too big to be carried around.

  18. missywissy

    oh lord, I was typing the same time the singles person was too!

  19. SLUTney SUCKS (literally)

    Why anybody gives this hillbilly retard with a 6th grade education & mentality any attention is beyond me. She’s abused her kids, she’s still abusing drugs, she’s still as mentally retarded & stupid as she’s always been. Nothing changes.

    If I had to quote a recent SLUTneyism, to summarize how stupid she is & how little she’s grown, this would be it: “Mah pussay is a-hangin’ out”.

  20. meee

    kids, not kid’s. GRAMMAR

  21. redneck

    She looks poor indeed.

    Only lower point she can go is to be seen kissing a black man…..

    Diseased black cock would infect her even worse than she already is.

    Putrid skank..!!

  22. bitch

    You dumb cunt. There’s nothing wrong with her. You can’t even write a funny article anymore, just boring personal attacks with no basis. Leave her the FUCK alone

  23. Balls McCoy

    brit’s being a mom and is still getting shit for it?

  24. VtFarmboy

    is it me or does the kid look whacked out on drugs too???

  25. Shitney is a joke

    She’s so intent on flashing it’s pathetic. I guess daddy spears put an end to her pussy flashing; now all she has left is showing off her deflated titty bags. Shitney is just that; SHIT.

    Given what a retard she is, I’m surprised she hasn’t been found standing on a street corner naked from the waist down, pissing all over herself. I hope everyone finally realizes what a joke & how untalented she truly is; maybe she’ll just disappear. The world would definitely be better for it…

  26. Lisa

    I’m telling you it’s the hideous brown boots! Whenever she starts wearing ugly brown boots she starts going crazy! She wore some with Adnan, etc.

  27. Urbanspaceman

    Why the hell does that child still have a bottle?

  28. EuropeanGirl

    ewww I hope this is a cheap wig.
    how can a girl with a personal hairdresser, trainer, stylist look always like she’s a crackwhore?

  29. Boogeyman King Dong

    I need some fresh cash.In which hotel is she right now?

  30. Nero

    We’ll be nice to her,where exactly is she staying again??

  31. I dance badly and take crappy pictures, so I should be a shoo in to be her next ex-husband.

  32. Nero

    I’ll keep an eye on the lobby. . . @29 Keep your eyes on the back entrance! When you see her,just grab her!

  33. Really?

    @13…HAHAHAHA! Poor sap. Wanna bet?

  34. colt13

    I happen to like Britney’s sippy cups hanging out!

  35. Jose

    mmm, Britney-Hot-Tits. We love er. She’s just not being revealing enough though lately :/ I dont care that her tits arnt packed with silicone and augmented to the “perfect shape”. I like em the way they are. So keep showing them off, preferably with nice hard pokies included. Its very sexy and the more intent there is to show, the sexier I find it. If those vag shots were premeditated, then thats all the better :P

  36. your Bedazzler (TM) ain't magic...

    #’s 15 and 28 -I completely agree with you.
    How on earth does this woman ALWAYS look like she’s been chewed up and spit out?
    And please don’t tell me it’s because she’s a hardworking mother of two…

  37. Looks like a normal amount of cleavage to me. I show more cleavage than that for God’s sake. She may be a trainwreck but come on this isn’t even newsworthy. Yeah she looks like a truck ran over her but other than that…whatever. No big deal.

  38. Duke Steele

    AGAIN!! Again shes carrying that kid. What the fuck is her problem? Put the kid down and work on carrying yourself upright, you skank!

  39. Duke Steele

    AGAIN!! Again shes carrying that kid. What the fuck is her problem? Put the kid down and work on carrying yourself upright, you skank!

  40. Give_the_girl_a_break!

    She’s carrying ‘the kid’ because there’s prob hundreds of paps in front of her, and its prob safer just to carry him. She can’t move without a being swamped by cameras.
    Why don’t people just give her a break. I’m not being all ‘crazy fan-ish’ but comeon, she’s got an album out, seeing the kids 50/50 with Kevin, touring the whole world, so she’s not doing too badly for herself considering she was carried off on a gourney, sectioned and practically forbidden from seeing the kids alone not too long ago!

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