Ali Landry in a bikini

July 12th, 2009 // 65 Comments

Remember when former Miss USA Ali Landry was the Doritos Girl back in 1998? Yeah, me neither. But notice how that didn’t stop me from posting these pics of her in a bikini in Malibu yesterday.

The Superficial: Maybe Relevancy Should Wear a Bikini. Just Sayin.’

Photos: Fame, Splash News

  1. Moar!


  2. cutesy


  3. erect

    My cock would lokk great in her ass……

    ………………..\m/ \m/ ……………………………………

  4. doritoes

    MY cock would look better!!

  5. Christina


  6. Pedobear

    Her friend in pink is pretty hot, too!

  7. En Fuego

    Ali is 36 yrs this month w/one kid. What a natural beauty! Pic # 7 is awesome! Shoot for this look ladies…

  8. Who the fuck doesn’t remember that Doritos commercial?

  9. RtSS

    Dibs! I call dibs on her ass and mouth. I wanna ‘firsts’ for packing the poochute, and I wanna bang the hell out of that mouth as she looks up at me.

  10. Jesse

    Daymmmmm thats one hella fine MILF!!

  11. Jesse

    Daymmmmm thats one hella fine MILF!!

  12. richard

    no visible sign of preggo tummy – impressive.

  13. bossvnnv

    One fuckable MILFA (mother i’d like to fuck in the ass)

  14. mlf

    That commercial stood the test of time. Doritos 3Ds, not so much.

  15. bernard

    what’s up with the giant ring?!?

  16. Taz

    id pump her silly!

  17. titsonsnack

    So-and-so in a bikini… this person in a bikini… that person in a bikini…. Yeah it’s an attractive female, whoop-de-shit like we can’t find any pictures of those on the internet. At least try to make some sort of funny caption about it or something. I like it better when this site is more about celeb gossip and ragging on famous people. I’ll come back when summer’s over and this site gets funny again. Sorry, I’m just crabby because I’m a fat old jealous ugly person, or at least I must be because I don’t care about the 50,000th nobody in a bathing suit post.

  18. vito

    One of the most beautiful women on God’s green Earth!

  19. Grammar police

    It’s “neither” – not “either”! Silly Superficial writer!

  20. Knee Ya Ha Ha : So my friend ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor come over. ‘Frank’, as some of you may, or may not, know watch a lot of movie. Hello ‘Frank’
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : Hi everybody.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : So …’Frank’ – Is this the’;Ali Larter’ from ‘Varsity Blues’ ? Speling mistake ?
    Or has the Academy left another worthy actress unrecognized ?
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : Not sure yet Knee – will check with the Somali Pirate ™ library. In meantime sort of confused at Barney ‘Frank’, a distant cousin’s expression in elevator on this link above here that type of thing.
    He looks like the world just farted in it. The world just farted in Barney Frank’s elevator.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Oh.

  21. cunt

    Bet you her cunt would taste great….!!

  22. So.
    #21 & 22 – you seem to me like real intellectual.
    But what you twying to sway here exactwee ?

    Inside job ?

  23. Walter

    I hate her bra. She doesn’t need ruffles to hide small boobs.

  24. ummm

    her bra? you mean her bathing suit top? wow walter…

  25. Climax

    Her bikini is so from 20 years ago.

  26. Bang Bang your dead

    # 7 -

    I’d like to shoot you with my 38 special. You’re an idiot!

  27. amanda

    she was beautiful 10 years ago and shes beautiful now

  28. Some Girl

    If all women looked like her, you’d never get a date again.

  29. Sheva

    Trying to remember her and then wow, she’s a mom? That’s the real American way. She looks tremendous.

    She had dated that douchebag Slater right? Then he went and did a couple of donkeys and donkey girls in Mexico. She found out and dumped his ass.

    10 of 10 for being a smart chick, not just lovely. Respeck!

  30. Tom K

    It’s a shame this pretty girl was ever married to that Mexican scum Mario Lopez. Poor girl.

  31. Galtacticus

    Hello! Perfect body!

  32. Kcdilla

    This is all fine and dandy… but do you know where the Geekologie writer is?….
    I miss him. ;_;

  33. Kcdilla

    This is all fine and dandy… but do you know where the Geekologie writer is?….
    I miss him. ;_;

  34. Kcdilla

    This is all fine and dandy… but do you know where the Geekologie writer is?….
    I miss him. ;_;

  35. Kcdilla

    Sorry, didn’t mean to spam. My computer had a brain fart…

  36. Rhialto

    After all those time she’s still beautifull.She’s blessed with beauty,she’s a true miss.


  38. EuropeanGirl

    giant ribbon on the child head, and posed stuff. How natural.
    Maybe this whatever-your-name-is is trying to return on tv or something and need this shit on magazines.
    Anyway, so boring.

  39. suxtobeu

    #7 thanks for the tip
    #28 LMAO – you made my day, or at least my morning

  40. richard

    @37 it’s wet sand you dumb shit

  41. One of the greatest MILFs of all time.

  42. One of the greatest MILFs of all time.

  43. blueberrypancake

    RtSS – stop watching so much bad porno!

  44. Not bad mama.

  45. Mr. Jones

    Lipo-vac brought to you by Hoover.

    ’cause nothing sucks like a Hoover.

  46. havoc

    Pure, hot, MILF-y goodness….


  47. She’s hot… I’d definitely clean her toilet with your toothbrush.

  48. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  49. mikeock

    You can stop posting pictures of every other chick in a bikini now. You’ll never top this, ever. Megan Fox can drop dead tomorrow.

  50. amanda

    you know how i can tell youve never seen a woman up close? you think wet sand looks like an infection! time to get out of moms basement…

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