Megan Fox’s ass is awesome and other news

July 10th, 2009 // 102 Comments

- Artie Lange was busted for DUI this afternoon. Wow. It took that long to pick this guy up for driving under the influence? Was the officer feeling lazy today or something? “Hmm… One ticket short. What’s Artie Lange doing?” [PopEater]

- Angelina Jolie flew Shiloh and Zahara on her private plane making her the coolest mom ever. Until she pulls a JFK Jr. — Too soon? [Just Jared]

- Lindsay Lohan continues to be a walking object lesson on the dangers of snorting blow then Tweeting. [Lainey Gossip]

- Paris Hilton showed up in court today to defend herself against a lawsuit that she didn’t properly promote National Lampoon’s Pledge This! I don’t get it. Paris Hilton disassociating herself is probably the best thing she could’ve done for this movie. Short of literally dying in the middle of it. [The Blemish]

- David Beckham named his son after Tom Cruise. I’m going to assume this was the only way to rebuff his advances. Nothing like the ol’ “How about we not have butt sex and I name my kid after you?” maneuver. Works every time. [Celebslam]

- Rachael Ray underwent vocal chord surgery and will be unable to speak for a few weeks. But she can still cook and therefore should marry me provided she agrees not too seek alimony in the divorce next month. [ICYDK]

- Joe Simpson wants Ashlee to make an album of Michael Jackson covers. Wow. I didn’t think this guy could do anything worse than be obsessed with his daughters’ breasts, but hats off to you Joe. You pulled it off. [PopSugar]

Photos: Flynet

  1. meow


  2. Katie

    I wouldn’t say her ass is awesome.. her tits are rockin’ but seriously the ass on this one is lacking… and don’t get me wrong I think she is a hot chick but very overated. And this sorta just adds to it.. you wouldn’t give her ass a second look if she wasn’t famous and what magazines say is “hot”. Most ppl would be busy staring at her chest lol ;)

  3. devel

    really nothin special, this butt…

  4. doggy all the way

    I’d eat that. Her body is pretty rockin’. The ass is nice and I’d make a nice meal out of it.

  5. Ashmo

    Um, sorry, what ass are we talking bout? My coke whore anorexic neighbor has a better lookin ass. Just sayin’, not much to look at.

  6. vanessa

    what ass?

  7. Soooo sick of her. Aren’t we all??? God, I want to stick my eyeballs in a blender and set it to frappe..

  8. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Wow, the only thing she owns that’s not fake.

  9. Parker

    I would boink her tight ass till she cried for mercy. Of course she’d never do that since she loves anal sex so I’ll probably have to learn how to drive with my weiner in Megan Fox’s butt.

  10. kitty_kat

    Megan Fox has an ass?

  11. Foo

    Haha.. looks like the ladies are jealous…

  12. will

    back fat




  14. Its not horrible, its not going to inspire a c$m flood like Jessica Biel’s….

  15. these are just tight pants. thats like me wearing tight pants and saying hey my package looks awesome, when everybody knows it doesn’t.

  16. Sinamon

    I’m sorry, to what ass are you referring? she’s smokin hot, i agree, but as far as the junk in the trunk is concerned, it’s as flat as the back of her gas-guzzling car.

  17. spectacles

    I’ll give it to you that she has nice boobs, but what ass are you talking about? I would say that is the most unflattering ass picture of her that you can find.

  18. Sorry, but Megan Fox has no ass. Her friends up top are looking great as always.

  19. LEB

    Um… WHAT ass?

  20. Huh?

    Seriously…..what ass??? I’ll give her for her boobs….but only half credit due to their silicone-ness.

  21. uh

    Okay, who cares if she doesn’t have a ton of padding in back. At least she’s not fat.

  22. Huh??

    Looks like someone stuffed cardboard down her pants…flattyyyy!!!

  23. frank lloyd wright

    pancake ass and fake tits. what’s so special?

  24. NxIxCxKxMxAxNx

    toe thumbs FTW

  25. Shari

    …she doesn’t have an ass.. I don’t get it.

  26. marie

    personally, I prefer her boobs in these pictures. these jeans were not the most bootay-esque… I love how she’s dressed though…

  27. fred

    Shari… you like fat people… hang out here otherwise STFU cause there ain’t nothing but silly shit coming out of it.

  28. Tom K

    She is gorgeous but the ass is lacking very flat!!!

  29. Tom K

    She is gorgeous but the ass is lacking very flat!!!

  30. Tom K

    She is gorgeous but the ass is lacking very flat!!!

  31. Delgo

    Are your asshats fitted or the original snap & lock type?

  32. J

    There is absolutely nothing special about her “ass.” Plus, her tits take on different sizes in every photo shoot. WOMP WOMP!

  33. :/

    What ass? She isn’t even that hot. Pretty plain looking.

  34. salliemae

    If I do recall, her ass used to be pretty damn awesome. I remember seeing a picture of her back before her boobs exploded…

  35. Asschilee

    ass? what ass? I see no ass here….

    I don’t get why people are all sporting boners for her, she’s mediocre at best.

  36. Mariah


  37. TopCat

    In pic #4

    great bubs, flat ass

  38. She’s very pretty, but I’m sorry..she does not have an ass lol. It is…flat. But at least its narrow and flat…not WIDE and flat.

  39. titsonsnack

    She has no ass, the back of her legs pretty much just go straight up into her back in these pics.

    Pancake ass on overrated chick.

  40. captain america

    it’s pretty funny when a TURD is coming out, folks!!

  41. Chatham

    Her ass is nonexistent.

    Far hotter chicks in Vero…which is why she never goes there.

  42. Yeah

    I can’t wait ’til Artie Lange dies.

  43. Nikky Raney

    My ass is bigger than hers and I get told my ass is flat.

  44. RtSS

    Me likey… Those last two images are enough to make me declare, I’d pack her poopchute for her. Hammer her with my schlong. Dig the dirt tunnel. Go hunting for butt nuggets. That some might tight sphincter. Me likey…

  45. Madelaine

    wow, she literally has NO ass. This is so weird, with all the talk of it is assumed it would be amazing. Or at least good. But… it’s like, NOT THERE.

  46. Rogue

    All sweet asses of the world should be insulted by someone even attempting to include that notepad of a BUTT in their category.

  47. Darth

    Two aces? That’s hard to trump.

  48. Nero

    The other two aces are in front.

  49. Rhialto

    She plays open cards?

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