Jon Gosselin flaunts new girlfriend in France

July 12th, 2009 // 180 Comments

So much for Deanna Hummel. Jon Gosselin very publicly took his new girlfriend Hailey Glassman to France on Saturday where Jon was invited to meet with Christian Audigier about working for the Ed Hardy line which is amazing. Mostly because I was just wondering the other day how Jon Gosselin can do something douchier than wearing a bluetooth all the time, and he pulled it off: Promoting Ed Hardy clothes. Well played. RadarOnline reports:

Jon is meeting with Christian Audigier, one of the bigwigs of the Ed Hardy clothing line. And Hailey is there for more than just fun – we’ve learned she wants to launch her own line of shoes and sandals so Jon promised her a meeting with the Ed Hardy people!
Hailey is the daughter of Kate Gosselin’s doctor Lawrence Glassman, who performed Kate’s tummy tuck. Hailey is 22, Jon is 32.
Hailey was busted by cops for possession of marijuana, hashish and hashish oil in 2005 and a male friend described her as “one of the most wild women I’ve ever met.”
On May 24 Jon and Hailey were caught slipping into the Bourbon Street bar in Nyack and were caught on surveillance tapes obtained by Radaronline enjoying drinks. As they left Jon was spooked by a photographer out front and fled through the back alley, cell phone in hand. By then, Hailey told pals, she and Jon had been secretly dating “for several months.”

Of course, this arrangement makes perfect sense. Dr. Glassman failed to craft a stomach on Kate that wouldn’t make Jon’s penis recoil in fear, so that frees him to bang the good doctor’s 22-year-old daughter in return. It’s practically biblical.

Photos: Splash News

  1. anonymous

    I’m glad he got away from that uptight, nagging cow of a wife, but there ain’t no WAY this chick is 22. If she really is 22, I feel very sorry for her. You shouldn’t look that old when you are 22!

  2. lori

    Wish this country would glamorize people who actually deserve to be looked up to. Our media keeps dragging us down into the absolute gutter. Time to throw the TV out.

  3. amoi

    Just about all the comments this time were more fun than the photos. Best laughs I’ve had all day! When you guys are on, you’re really on.

  4. Amy

    Yeesh…you mean I’M older than her??? I think not. She looks older than my mom.

  5. lol

    ruin the ed hardy line? what was there to ruin?, it was already gayer than
    knowing the taste of semen, all he needs are some city camo shorts and
    a trucker hat to be king of all douchery

  6. bad dream

    Why couldn’t he wait until his children were 16 or 18 to run away with a home-wrecking slut. It is so sad that all those babies will have to suffer their whole lives because of this home-wrecking bitch, and she’s the daughter of a plastic surgeon to top it off, so it’s not like she did it for the money. It’s all about the fame and notoriety for this bitch.

  7. Mark Twain

    All of you that think he will regret this are wrong, wrong, wrong. This guy doesn’t have a conscience. He killed it along time ago. He and his wife had 8 kids just to get a TV show, see, no conscience.

  8. Unreal


  9. bebe75

    gawwwwd he turns my stomach

  10. JJ

    I don’t know who’s uglier, him or her

  11. OhComeOn

    That bitch is fug

  12. LEB

    “I hope he continues to publicly humiliate Kate every chance he gets. Kate was absolutely horrible to him throughout the entire show. She deserves everything she gets and more.”

    But his kids do not. He’s not even divorced yet and already he’s flaunting his new girlfriend… what kind of message does that send to his children? About how little he respects them and their sensibilities? Like it or not, kids DO interpret new relationships as a rejection of their mother/father. The sooner a parent finds a new relationship, the worse of a blow it is to the kids.

  13. Albin Bainbridge

    Jon’s trying to recapture his youth in the absolute worst way possible. I predict DUI in the near future with his mugshot displayed on every supermarket magazine in the nation.

    As for taking sides, it’s almost impossible to determine who is really at fault because of all the conflicting reports and tabloid speculation, but I think that like most divorces both partners have to take a share of the blame.

    In some ways I feel sorry for them. Yes, they got their millions and their screen time, but it all blew up on them in a way that they nor anyone else could have predicted. Remember, there are plenty of couples who go through just as ridiculous and embarrassing separations in private. These two are having all their dirty laundry washed out in public.

    But yeah, Ed Hardy is stupid.

  14. bebe75

    i just checked all the pics….this broad is N-A-S-T-Y LO-O-K-I-N!!!
    she is honest;y FUGLY!

  15. bebe75

    i agree with #49….that is one ROUGH lookin 22 yr old….she looks 42!!
    no fu*kin joke

  16. TLsss19

    In some way I’m beginning to think this is just for publicity and Kate is on it and not saying anything but then again who knows maybe he is truly this insane.

  17. mel

    Flaunt? He should be hiding her.

  18. alhazteeziyazeezi

    Why is it that ALMOST every single woman with blonde hair looks like they are 15 years older than what they really are? At the mall the other day, every single blonde I saw had this awful over the top ORANGE GLO tan and was massively consumed with wrinkles. Its awful, they honestly age too fast. Who are all in favor that Asian women are a lot more beautiful?

  19. Ali

    Actually went to college with this girl and had alot of classes with her. COMPLETE airhead! And, yes, she really looks that old in person. Amazing what money will do for some people. No pics of her and John together on Facebook yet though. Still waiting.

  20. Venom

    Jon Gosselin + Ed Hardy + earrings = DOUCHE

  21. Ripper

    Why has no one yet mention how FAT this fucker is?? What a fat fucking douchebag.

  22. Sahel Kazemi

    I killed Steve McNair. I am a whore.

  23. marie

    Pretty sad that a 22 year old girl looks older than Kate.. Too much partying and you end up looking like that. Keep sucking on your cancer stick.

  24. Nora

    22???????????????????? Oh hell no, she’s more like pushin 42. She should get her face all botoxed like her mom did. Her dad is a plastic surgeon, you’d think he’d give her a break.

  25. #68…I have to disagree. I don’t find very many Asian women attractive…at all. Nor do most men I know (no offense). It’s just personal preferance lol. But I agree that women are aging themselves entirely too much. It’s called TANNING, smoking, poor diet…blah blah blah. I’m just not sure why ethnicity was brought into your “aging” comment.

  26. P.S. #69, can you get me her autograph?? Oh and #58, you’re not very fucking bright, are you? The ring he’s wearing is on his RIGHT hand. Dur dur dur *drools*

  27. Okay, last post..I promise. But does anyone else find it creepy and ironic that this Hailey chick is the DAUGHTER of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate’s tummy tuck?? Remember…Dr. Glassman…and Mrs. Glassman who took care of her in THEIR home? Damn, that’s low lol.

  28. Maddie

    Kate is a million times cuter than this chick. Pshht…

  29. me

    Wow, she does not look 22. Not to mention she has a father who does plastic surgery and she looks THAT bad? That’s funny. Did anyone else notice they are both wearing rings on their rinf fingers?

  30. Melissa

    I really can’t stand Jon or Kate and don’t really pay much attention to all of their annoying crap but i must say that this is in VERY poor taste. What kind of a man flaunts his hooker… i mean girlfriend around before his divorce is even finalized? One that obviously cares about the well being of his that would never exploit his kids…. What a fantastic father!

    All sarcasm aside he’s really setting the bar low for what it takes to be a good father these days – I’m pretty sure R Kelly could have a kid…. piss on it…. and then write a dirty song about it and he would still be a better dad.

  31. porcelina

    She looks like she’s about 40…

  32. Jibbly Biggins

    Jesus….she’s my age.

    A washed out 30-something Asian guy with no motivation and 7 kids? She must be an idiot…

  33. amymichelle

    I work at a department store that sells Ed Hardy(fragrance,clothes,purses) and every customer we see buy it is a walking advertisement for the word douche. So then I guess this is a perfect match.

  34. Kristin

    She definately looks better from a distance

  35. Kristin

    She definately looks better from a distance

  36. I just hope Kate takes him for everything she got for him

  37. Iambananas

    Looks like HE carries eight babies! HELLO FAT ASS!

  38. Linda

    Team Kate. Come on people, Jon loves Kate organizing everything and taking care of what his whimp ass couldn’t. People want to pick on Kate, but the truth is that people break up every day and there is not always a discernable asshole. Kate has her flaws as does Jon, but they both will have this failed marriage recorded for all their kids to watch – and they will have to deal with what their adult children will have to say about it. I can tell you that kids are not stupid and Jon most certainly is.

  39. Tom K

    This asian loves ugly boring white girls. lol

  40. Beavis

    Why didn’t daddy give her some plastic surgery? She’s fucking ugly. And let’s get Jon a tummy tuck as well, that beer gut is getting ridiculous.

  41. Mika

    @42 The man in the pink is Christian Audigier…creator/designer of the Ed Hardy line and he is associated with loads of other lines such as his own namesake Christian Audigier, Smet, Affliction, Von Dutch, etc. Why people still wear such bedazzled clothes is beyond me. As fast as the Ed Hardy line shot to fame, its popularity died even faster.

    As far as the Gosselins go, my concern has always been on the well-being of the children.

  42. Bullzeye

    The Douch and the Douchette.

  43. He don’t got the downs syndrome. He be asian.


  44. justifiable

    #82 What do you mean, SEVEN kids? With the gut he has on him I know it looks like he ate one, but there’s eight. And this unmotivated useless douchebag will manage to fuck this up, too.

  45. Alibi

    This train wreck has got to end soon. Maybe Jon has found someone who treats him with kindness & respect. Looks fade. In the end, you better be with the one who loves you, no matter what. As for those kids, they’re mother already screwed them up beyond help. She should give them to Aunt Jodie!

  46. FACE

    Just a worthless fat cracker in that tacky T shirt

  47. belowitall

    How is it that she is ten years younger than Kate and she has nothing on her?

    And, can we say poor little rich girl who lacks class?

    All of a sudden the sap we felt so sorry for on J&K+8 elicits zero sympathy.

  48. Mr. Jones

    #23 – you got that right – this sh*tbird’s shelf-life isn’t on a calendar or even a freak’n wall clock. It’s a shot clock.

    If I were his agent, I would get his pudgy *ss to every boat-show, car-show, WalMart opening, ANYTHING over the next two months.

    Two months. Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

  49. Wait, What?

    So…he was banging the school teacher and then going behind her back with the 22 year old drug-whore daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon?

    Oh, man. This is a better script than some of the crap on TV right now.

    Since the tummy tuck was done years ago…I would like to know exactly when did Jon start humping that girl?

    This helps me believe the rumor of there was a contract between Jon and Kate where Jon could bang anyone he would like. All he had to do was show up for the cameras.

    Jon seems like he has been a busy little boy.

  50. Pam

    Geez, his girlfriends keep getting uglier. What’s up with that? Jon, younger doesn’t mean better. And if she’s 22, she needs to talk to her Dad about some free plastic surgery!

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