Laetitia Casta might be pregnant

July 9th, 2009 // 119 Comments

What better way to start a Friday morning? Here’s French supermodel Laetitia Casta in Tuscany yesterday. Don’t ask me what compelled me to post these, but I’m pretty sure I just cut my readership in half. Or doubled it…

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  1. Mckinzzzzz

    ya think…. just a little!

  2. uh

    Pregnant bellies scare me. It’s disturbing. Christ, I’m never getting pregnant, because A) I have to raise the kid who becomes an adult and then I’m responsible for that life and B) Not only is the belly disturbing, but then you have to go into labor….

  3. uh

    Pregnant bellies scare me. It’s disturbing. Christ, I’m never getting pregnant, because A) I have to raise the kid who becomes an adult and then I’m responsible for that life and B) Not only is the belly disturbing, but then you have to go into labor….

  4. Vince Clortho

    It’s just a bad case of indegestation

  5. Dirty Harry

    That baby will NOT go hungry.

  6. amanda

    i agree w/2
    her bellybutton is GROSS
    and kids arent worth getting fat for

  7. mikeock01

    Seriously, who gives a shit besides …. well …. nobody.

  8. There’s a niche blue film here somewhere… though I’m not sure we needed to see her taking a shit in picture 8.

  9. Bob

    Crap! She had great boobs and body *sigh*
    Now just stretch marks and veins

  10. fearsarewishes


    I know that there is a fetish group that digs pregnant bitches. Not me, though.

    Take ‘em down.

    Thank you.

  11. Thats right Fish, start examine who you caters too… or is it a ploy to gets the fish dwellers (male) all agitated…

  12. Onyx Blackman

    Fuck. She used to be my favorite c. 1998. Now, not so much.

  13. tahnee

    aughhhh that looks so creepy :(

  14. uh


    Well…I don’t know if “taking em down” is really justified. I mean, we would go extinct…..

  15. Leave ‘em up! There’s nothing hotter. Pregnant women are just so… engorged : )

  16. Now im going to have to google this chic coz i want to see how small those pregnoboobs were….shes still skinny…*i cant believe im ogling at a pregnosore*

  17. Oveta

    The last pic is so fucking hottt.

  18. chango666

    That is just WRONG . . . I don’t give a fuck who she is. When you are that knocked up you should NOT be out in
    a bikini . . . She should be home doing light chores like the dishes and some light dusting. I wouldn’t recommend any heavy
    lifting, but certainly light shit like laundry should be ok . .

  19. Asteroid

    #2/3 I am SO with you, and not only that, but they shit themselves for the first two years… and all the other bodily fluids smeared hither and yon. Kids. Ugh.

  20. I would fuck the shit out of that! Nothin better than pregnant tits!

  21. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  22. @18 Do you know why women’s feet tend to be smaller than men’s?

    So they can stand closer to the sink when they wash dishes.

  23. emmy

    i like her little watering can :]

  24. spudsy

    Ugh, she’s fat. And ugly. What’s the big deal with her?

  25. Deacon Jones


    Man, I used to jerk to this chick 10 years ago, oh how they fall

  26. jojo

    the last picture is hilarious…why do preg women feel compelled to show off their bellies…I really don’t like to see them….it’s so sacred and private….it’s like going braless…

  27. gotmilk?

    picture 8 just made my ovaries shrink up to raisins and die.

  28. Duke Nukem

    I approve. Other than the giganto belly she looks pretty damn good. She didn’t whale-out like a lot of girls do when they get preggo and think they can eat anything not nailed down.

  29. big baby jesus

    LOOK AT THOSE TITTIES!!! Am I weird for wanting to tap that?

  30. Jenny

    She’s rocking the bikini, good for her. Beats the shit out of the fat hairy men in Speedos.

  31. as

    hard to say, it would need a closer examination, i’d volountarely do it

  32. George

    Laetitia Casta ,looking great ,she is trying to have fit .

  33. ZJ

    F*ck Kids.
    Such a burden.

  34. AllForLife


    Will you fuckheads grow up, she’s a pregnant woman not a fucking alien. It’s not going to burst out her and eat your stupid faces.


    Where the fuck do you think you came out of?

    Stork delivery?

  35. George

    looking great..

  36. pink_sugar

    one word: DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Newcastle

    LMAO at pic #8

  38. blp

    Somebody call Greenpeace, we have a beached whale.

  39. minty

    @ jojo:

    the belly is so sacred and private??? so, when a woman who is not pregnant shows her belly, that’s ok, but as soon as she is knocked up all of a sudden she should hide and be ashamed? that’s ridiculous. why, as a society we are perfectly ok with seeing fake boobs, lipo, butt lifts etc much too often, and then the moment someone is preggers and dares to show *shock* their belly, people are all of a sudden disgusted?

    this is really messed up. our culture has lead us so far from what is normal and natural, that we have forgotten how to react to such things. sad.

  40. andy7171

    I can’t wait for the boob fairy to greeet Adrianna Lima!

  41. orion

    I believe she is about give birth right there on the beach. At least that’s what I got from the last shot.

    All you people moaning about how awful a pregnant woman looks are ridiculous. Did you think that babies grew in pumpkin patches?

  42. blp

    How rude and offensive some of you are! I grew in a pumpkin patch and when I was ripe the stalk delivered me to my parents.

  43. Pumpkin…

    What they do Saturday nights in Alabama…

  44. Erin Shelton

    Is she taking a shit in #8?

  45. I just vomited.


  46. uh

    Well, my pregnant mom didn’t run around in public beaches in a bikini. Huge distended bellies are not meant to be looked at.

  47. some fat guys wife

    her profile looks exactly like what a man’s body morphs into in mid-life. though, less hairy.

    i find it uncomfortable to look at because it reminds me of my husband.

  48. Eddie Z.

    FUCKING GROSS. Pregnant women should be sequestered for 9 months.

  49. Georgie

    She looks gorgeous. Pregnant bellies should be flaunted, especially when you look as beautiful as she does.

  50. Cam

    I don’t want to see that shit. YUCK!

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