Emma Watson talks wardrobe malfunctions on Letterman

July 9th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Emma Watson stopped by The Late Show last night where Dave brought up her “wardrobe malfunction” at the Tuesday premiere of Harry Potter which she handled nicely. Now, how is it that Emma, who’s the exact same age as Hayden Panettiere, can give an interview without making me want to shove a blowtorch in my ear? Are the British really more interesting than Americans? Or is Hayden just a weird midget who secretly wants to birth a dolphin? I bet it’s that last one.

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  1. Aerialgreen

    @49. Agreed, who wrote the interview? I think they thought she was Abigail Breslin or my main prostitot – Miley Cyrus.

  2. friendlyfires

    i’m cutting her slack, she’s ok, even though I do not watch any Harry Potter (or read the books), doesn’t the author have like Bill Gates money, now?

  3. kaylia

    she’s really boring but at least she carries herself well

  4. Regina

    I have to say that she handled it pretty well, and like she said, at least she was wearing underwear. I guess that’s the difference between a well grounded girl, and a midget lol

  5. jaredouchebag

    i bet that her muffin smell to glory.

  6. Emma

    She is a stunning beauty. Saucy minx too.

  7. Emma Watson looks to gorgeous. She is beautiful looking innocent and splendid. !!!

  8. @52 – Yup. J.K. Rowling is currently the second richest woman in England behind the Queen.

  9. captain america

    do not panic: THIS IS “BORN” WITH AMERICANS, folks!!

  10. lola

    Very classy young girl. Miley & Hayden, eat your hearts out

  11. Karri

    I love her. she’s so clever.

  12. Sushi

    Wow. She is a very intelligent, classy person!

    Hate to say this but America produces horrible women compared to this.

  13. Mayo

    All the compliments I would give her have already been stated… so I’ll just say this. I love her.

  14. vito

    Emma sez:

    “Gawd, what a wonderful shag. Do you think it would it hurt much if next time you stick it in me bum?”

  15. Darth

    I start to like David Letterman’s shows.Am i getting older?

  16. Rhialto

    He’s totally into young actresses lately!?

  17. Nero

    @66 I’m not calling names but someone is going to be jealous.It’s time to invite Sarah Palin.

  18. Galtacticus

    It would be good for Emma Watson’s career to play a different character than Hermione for chris sake!

  19. #43 – Look, you Harry Potter fans can vociferously defend this solid 4 (out of 10 ir 20) as being a shining vision of beauty if you like, but she’s as plain as a freshly cut bagel, and about as dry. Having a British accent doesn’t make you anymore articulate or graceful, just ask “Jordan”. I’m sure she’s a nice girl and all, but she’s plain, plane, plain. I’m sorry there’s no more Potter books in the works for your to speedily thumb through its thousand pages in hours. I hear the latest version of DoucheQuest is available in beta, so all is not lost for you yet.

  20. uh


    Shut the fuck up, nobody agrees with you in this whole entire thread.

  21. #70 – Really? Nobody? Well that’s quite a statement. Tell me… did you do a phone poll or just close your eyes, hold your hand over your Harry Potter Limited Edition lunchbox and have the answer magically come to you? You make a fantastic follower, douche monkey. You Potter fans tend to look like Dollywood patrons, so I’m not too surprised that you’d lust for someone who looks like my 12 year old niece.

  22. gee


    Nice fallacy and deviation from the actual topic, but liking Emma Watson and being a Harry Potter fan can be mutually exclusive. This is like saying I can’t possibly like the beautiful Natalie Portman without being a Star Wars fan. Now let’s stick to the original topic and not try for low blows.

    I did not say she was articulate because she has an English accent. Notice I did mention that she went to very good private school so if I were to attribute her eloquence to anything, it would be to her education. Since you do want to discuss her accent, she speaks with a Standard accent, which contributes to her graceful mannerisms. You can have an English accent and be a bumbling idiot. Case in point: Danielle Lloyd. To me, Emma is perfectly lovely in her classy dress with nice skin, long legs, and an elegant demeanor. So far, all you’ve said is that she’s plain. That’s fair enough; to each his own, but can you elaborate on why you feel that way?

  23. uh


    Well, you could just skim the comments and notice that everyone else is complimenting her while you’re calling her “plain”. I don’t really have strong feelings about Harry Potter or Emma Watson either way, but I do very strongly believe that you are an asshole.

  24. Camilla

    Well, here’s the thing, the awful american truth: nowadays hollywood stars are soooo lame, sooo stupid, sooo mentally underdeveloped, to make every average-brain equipped actress look like a genius.
    sad, uh?

  25. The girl has brains to burn. 7 Straight “A’s” in her exams – now off to the best collage in America. She is worth 12 million+.
    …and just beautiful, graceful and naturally decent and charming to boot.

    She puts all the superficial American stars like Hilton, Spears and Lohan to shame. They could learn something from the likes of this girl but that would mean actually using their brains which by now is dead from drink and drugs.

    Well done Emma. You deserve every bit of praise you get.

  26. herbiefrog

    so many posts…

    …so little time : )))


  27. SuckMyComment

    letterman is the one of the worst interviewers iv’e ever seen. his questions are practically designed to drive the conversation to a halt. and he actually showed a picture of her wardrobe malfunction, what a douchebag! p.s emma kicks ass, very classy and pretty and smart and etc.

  28. She is absolutely beautiful. She looks very classical and timeless – elegant and graceful.

  29. lex-p

    “Do you still enjoy the process as an actress?”

    “No, I hate it.”

    Look at that face and tell me she can’t act.

    Also… geez, Letterman: how many times could she probably have been asked that same question, huh?

    A beautiful classy lady with one nip slip and one transparent panty mishap.

    I guess she just wanted to get those of her plate.

  30. Emma is HOT there’s no question about it!

  31. Emma is HOT there’s no question about it!

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