Emma Watson talks wardrobe malfunctions on Letterman

July 9th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Emma Watson stopped by The Late Show last night where Dave brought up her “wardrobe malfunction” at the Tuesday premiere of Harry Potter which she handled nicely. Now, how is it that Emma, who’s the exact same age as Hayden Panettiere, can give an interview without making me want to shove a blowtorch in my ear? Are the British really more interesting than Americans? Or is Hayden just a weird midget who secretly wants to birth a dolphin? I bet it’s that last one.

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  1. tr

    She’s adorable

  2. tr

    She’s adorable

  3. tr

    She’s adorable

  4. manny

    sarah palin

  5. jennifer

    hayden wants marry a dolphin

  6. jennifer

    hayden is a whore. this young lady is so charming

  7. jennifer

    @ 4


  8. Zeke

    I’d bury my face in her giant nerd bush.

  9. will

    i think emma watson would blow me.

  10. The term “plane Jane” was made for a case like this.

  11. JC

    I feel so bad for her! She looked completely mortified! At least she handled it very well. Love her!

  12. Harry

    Btwn the face, the accent, the legs, and the clear possession of a functioning brain, I’m in love. Who cares if her acting is terrible?

  13. Hammertime

    @10: Why, is she a pilot or something?


  14. cuntychops

    Wow. How much do I want to fuck her? A lot much.

  15. jennifer

    @ 13

    that was funny

  16. #13 – a PILOT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Oh I get it! Because I used the wrong spelling? What a catch! You’re too much! MY SIDES…

    Seriously, don’t hurt yourself, cupcake.

  17. WannaBona

    Seriously – could she BE any more attractive? Cute as a button, clean, articulate… [sigh]

  18. Quinn

    Very smart and witty girl. Makes me want to move to Brittan…. get a change from the white trash attention whores here.

    Her looks remind me a little of Mena Suvari

  19. Deacon Jones

    Well, at least I can legally jerk off to her now…

  20. andi

    she’s such a sweetie, gorgeous, and charming. love her

  21. Becky

    the difference between emma watson and hayden pannetiere is simple: A BRAIN. you see, hayden lacks one, while emma is actually quite brilliant. like a british natalie portman.

  22. B

    Adorable is right. Jeebus.

  23. sensitive guy

    I don’t say this often… she’s flawless. She’s actually too good for me.

  24. Champ

    What a cutie. She seems like a sweetheart.

  25. matter of class

    Let’s not fool ourselves…every country has their fair share of famous retards. You’ve posted about Jordan/Katie Price enough to prove that point.

  26. One L

    #16 don’t be upset that you tried to make fun of someone else and got corrected because of your spelling error. I mean it happens to the best of us. But not to me cause I have a mac that corrects my spelling. Anywho. You are lame, and that is that needs to be said for anyone who tries make fun of Emma Watson.

  27. Bob

    This is what it looks and sounds like when a complete blowhard interviews someone with any intelligence at all.

    1. Generic ‘you’re young’ topics. Driving! College!
    2. Generic ‘you’re from England’ topics. It’s so different there!
    3. General boring questions.

    This is the most agonizing interview I’ve seen in a while. Does he have any general knowledge at all? Does he do -any- research on the actor or actress and their work beforehand?

  28. Thats some bullshit

    How classy of Letterman to break out a pic of her accidentally flashing her panties. Nice Dave. Why dont you have Julia Roberts on and break out the pictures of her taking a bath when she was 4. Letterman is a douche!

  29. Jada

    She’s kinda overrated.

  30. asdf


    “…and that is that needs to be said…”

    pull justin longs dick out of your ass ok? you suck balls.

  31. Thats some bullshit

    #18…she looks nothing like that white trash Mena Suvari. The only think Mena has going for her is a great ass. Her face is rotten

  32. Good idea

    Yes, #18. I agree that you should probably move.

  33. If you can dish it out...

    By the way #16, you seem to be the first one to make fun of other people’s comments. Not fun looking like the ass, is it?

  34. TomTom

    lol, you’re a douche that can’t spell. So, you’re a doosh.

  35. Mac

    @27 Since you are the grammar police, you might want to remember the simple rule of capitalization: Proper names are to have their first letter capitalized. As such, you “mac” should be Mac you phuk-face douche!

    Also, tell your Mac that “anywho” is not proper English you sh1t licking turd!

  36. Disgruntlordd

    I dont know, something about her looks, makes me imagine she’s discreetly farting all the time. Not a fan.

  37. mikeock

    Why does this broad always look like she’s either angry or in deep thought – like she’s trying to solve a very complex math problem?

    I bet she’s got a Potter sized beaver under those cute underpants.

  38. Disgruntlordd

    I dont know, something about her looks, makes me imagine she’s discreetly farting all the time. Not a fan.

  39. dude

    dammit where’s the ass shots!!!;)

  40. ktown8

    I’d hit it!

  41. ASenseOfRevenge

    @30 No, you would be thinking of Megan Fox.

  42. gee

    10 and 16

    You ARE an idiot. There is nothing plain about Emma. She’s graceful, carries herself aristocratically (probably from her boarding school education), and is charming and articulate. She has natural beauty and isn’t wearing 10 lbs. of makeup so you think she looks plain when in reality, she’s what you’d call a proper English rose. The opposite of Emma? Megan Fox. A brat who wears globs of makeup to cover her bad skin, has a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth, and carries herself like a porn star.

    Us Americans are so used to the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox, that we’ve forgotten that classy, good looking celebrities used to look and carry themselves like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

  43. plus one

    +1 for classy hoes. thanks @43!

  44. California Red

    Now she needs to do some intellectual foreign films. Read: full frontal.

  45. XX

    I’d like to punch the person who coined the term “wardrobe malfunction” after the whole Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Superbowl thing.

  46. sean

    she is too beautiful

  47. samurai

    what a horrible interview.

  48. Aerialgreen

    @47, dude, you know that paparazzi pedos go straight for the poon shot, as you can see they don’t even bother to hide their intention.

    In this shot it looks like she doesn’t even want to avoid the picture, but in reality she did cover up, but wasn’t as fast as the fucking camera that goes for hundreds of pictures per second, give a bitch a brake.

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