Robert Pattinson bangs another co-star

July 8th, 2009 // 60 Comments

Robert Pattinson has apparently ditched Kristen Stewart – probably because she’s pregnant – for his Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin, Life&Style reports:

“Robert met Emilie a while ago and has always liked her,” says an insider close to the heartbreaker. “He’s the one who suggested to the producers at Summit [the same production company responsible for the Twilight series] that she’d be perfect for Remember Me. In the original screenplay, her part was written for an actress of Mexican descent.”
“I watched them filming on July 2, and they got along very, very well,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “At one point between takes, they stopped into a shop to get a drink together; they seem to like each other a lot.”

Okay, let’s all save ourselves a bunch of time and assume that, whatever movie he’s in, Robert Pattinson is having sex with the female lead then ditching her when she’s pregnant. That said, anyone else get the impression Robert hates Mexicans? Because, if he simply visited their country, he’d learn these proud people can take care of his baby-making problem at a bargain price. Something to think about.

Photos: Flynet

  1. What idiot chick would bang this loser? Seriously, he looks retarded.

  2. Sally CupCakeMaker

    he can bang me all he wants!

  3. Amy

    Ditto #3….and then leave me! Who cares! He’s hot as hell!

  4. uh


    Please date the girl who is pretty. I can’t stand Kristin Stewart….

  5. Amy

    Ditto #3….and then leave me! Who cares! He’s hot as hell!

  6. I dont mind RP post as long as they end up at the bottom of the pile after a few minutes….

  7. Billah

    That’s funny. And yes he’s smokin hot.

  8. Should’nt he be on the set of a vampire movie or something?

  9. sapphire eyes

    Young, dumb and no integrity.


  10. Mexican Proud People

    To the superficial Writer:

    Your joke about mexican people was really inmature and off the spot.

    So, like we love to say in mexico to people like you


  11. uh


    You realize that Kristen Stewart is not pregnant right?

  12. RD

    SW: just in case you’re wondering, previous post is telling you to GO FUCK YOUR MOMMA.

    No need to thank me.. De nada.

  13. JesusTapdancingChrist

    #11 learn to lighten up a bit, you might be less of a bitch.

    I’d take 1000 posts about RP a day if it meant I never had to see Heidi and Spencer’s faces again.

  14. ReallY?

    #11 You speak English pretty well for someone who hasn’t yet been able to translate “joke.”

  15. mel

    Somewhere a thousand crazy fangirls fell in love with canned Nestea.

  16. Oh dear lord let me be in a movie with this man!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
    He is so freaking close to perfection it is crazy!

  17. andi

    I’d love to stick it in him

  18. Val

    This guy is walleyed. I will never find him attractive.

  19. jenh

    This kid is a frickin dreamboat. Noticed him in Harry Potter, where he stole the show by being too good looking to be true. What a cutie.

  20. MeanOldMan

    Back in my day we would just knock a Betty up then move away!!

  21. BigBlackRapperTypeGuy

    If dis hommie be knockin’ up too many bitches, N!99A needs to be learnin’ some d!ck control!!! In other words WRAP YO JIMMY N!99A!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. laura

    why are all these girls having sex with him? He’s an ugly loser…it’s not even like he’s a talented actor. wtf?

  23. RichWhiteGirl

    The first time I saw Twilight, I was like “oh my gosh he is sooooooo fine!!”. Then after I saw Twight for the 27th time I was like “oh my gosh he is sooooooo hot”. Then after the 28th time I saw Twilight I was like “I wish he would like knock me up and stuff…….”, and my friend was all “oh my gosh…I can’t believe you just said that”, and I was all “I know…what a slut!”, and my friend was like “yeah”.

  24. PoBoy

    Hey #7 – yep, Danielle & I don’t like RichPort either. He’s always at the bottom of the pile, if you know what I mean.

  25. James

    I’ll say it again: Dude is GAY. I know my own kind, trust me. AND he looks like Jason Voorhees at the end of Friday the 13th Part 2. Oh, and what the fuck is “N!99A”? Did you fall asleep drunk at the keyboard?

  26. Yeah

    The knocked-up bitch kicked his ass, or he faceplanted off his bike?

  27. MasterOfTheObvious

    To paraphrase Tocqueville: A modern day Hollywood actress gets precisely the modern day Hollywood actor they deserve.

    When you help a guy in a cast load his windowless van with cases of Bud Lime, you shouldn’t be too surprised when you wake up in Mexicali unable to comfortably ride a bike.

  28. Lynn Hodges

    You guys crack me up with the comments.

  29. RedFantaGirl

    It makes sense that he would pick a non-Mexican co-star…last time I checked, Mexican girls liked men that didn’t like to get their anus stimulated.

  30. Qweromi

    Maybe its just me, but Kristen ass looks like an aspirine… flat, just with the line in the middle, she´s only hot when you look a doubt in her face its like her best angle…. and that´s not enough to lust me on

  31. captain america

    still is walking HAND in HAND with another faggot-pal:
    (thank god)…………………..NOT DONE!!

  32. sharpie

    I swear to god if he knocks her up and fucks up filming for the final season of lost, i WILL kill him.

  33. Dixy

    Wow. How does this ugly fuck get a root?

  34. Renee

    You know, I am a all american woman- but I just don’t find him attractive. I try to stair at his face- and see if I tingle- but he just doesn’t do it for me personally.

    He looks like a funky ass dirty french child molesting drug dealer. If I didn’t know that he was famous- I would of assumed that he lived in a van down by the river.

  35. veronica

    I am an ordinary man, but in her heart I am extraordinary. =====KissCougar . com ===== was where we met. She

    makes me believe that ” I am one person for the world, but I am the world for her.”………….

  36. Rlyne

    As much as I would to see Robert and Kristen finally together, if this is all true, then Rob is not the one for Kristen. She deserves far more better than Rob. But I am sincerely hoping that these are all lies and that Rob and Kristen will finally be together … forever and ever

  37. Did he grow up next to Chernobyl? This honky fucking glows in the dark…

    #26 – Fine… I’ll stop giving your mom the ol’ cherry donut… deal..?

  38. Darth

    I just started to like Kristen Stewart a bit.Who am i going to be used to now?

  39. lori

    Eat something, take a shower, get off the meth, go to the gym, and take some acting lessons.

  40. lori

    p.s. what’s up with the sores on his face? He looks like he has b.o. and bad breath.

  41. gotmilk?

    wow that eyewitness is really observant. jesus christ who cares! as much as i’d like to bang this dude, it’s never going to happen for any of these deluded fans. and this Emilie chick is just as blah as Kristin Stewart.

  42. Is this news??? Umm… NOT! I agree with “gotmilk.” He’s SO not dating his costars! And saying he left Kristen because he got her pregnant, that’s just plain ignorant! Why don’t you post some REAL news for a change?

  43. Lori asked: “What’s up with the sores on his face???” Ummm…Duh! That picture is a set picture, from the movie he is filming, Remember me, where in the scene he gets beat up. Obviously you are not a fan or you would know that!!! Damn! There are so many Rob haters at this site. And to those who do not think he is attractive I say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all of you are in the minority I assure you!

  44. does it matter

    okay, so…….where can i sign up to be the next leading lady in his next film, cause if sleeping w/him is a requirement during filming….i am all over it….him….that….whatever…sign me up.

  45. umm well 2 me rob and emile dont click they have differences lik she is lik i think 5 years older than him. kristen and rob r much better. than again he shuld choose a girl he liks and can always b there 4 them. not just b cuz they’re the leading lady in 1 of his movies. just some1 who he can relate 2 on his level.

  46. KH

    i can translate “joke” in french: Pétasse!!

  47. WhiteGuyTryingToExplain


    I belive what #23(BigBlackRapperTypeGuy) was trying to say by using the word “N!99A” was for all intents and purposes, nothing more than a clever variation of the word “nigga” which in the African American community means something along the lines of “Buddy” or “Pal”.

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