Lady GaGa, seriously this time, what in the f-ck?

July 8th, 2009 // 104 Comments

Lady GaGa showed up to the press conference for the “Isle of Malta MTV Special” today wearing probably the most fucked up outfit she’s worn yet. It’s almost like Darth Vader had a daughter with a crack addicted hooker who drinks a lot. Under power lines. Inside a giant cigarette. I think you see where I’m going with this, so no need to spell it out. (She’s got the Downs.)


  1. If you have real talent, you buffoon to, do not support foreign organizations. It does not cover the fact that time he was really creepy with the people around him most of the stumbling drunk.

  2. oneofgaga'slilmonsters

    wtf is wrong with u all u gaga haters?and this ghetto article…Pleasee and u all think gaga’s desperte for fame?she doesnt need to try shes amzing all on her own..This poorly written piece of crap is pathetic dont people have anything better to do then jut sit on thier lazy fat asses making fun of good artists?for ur information gaga haters she is really famous and has a very powerful amazing voice…She might be new and might dress freaky but so wat?this is her own style..she doesnt have to copy anyone she has her own fashion sense and thats wat makes her unique and creative u all r complete losers u know that? u can talk shit about gaga all u want either way gaga makes more money than any of u come on she has a whole bunch of hit singles, her face is on alot of websites, she has tons of fans, and of course she is beautiful she just doesnt know how to bring it out that much because of all the costumes and huge shades well anyways gaga is talented who gives a shit wat any of u have to say gagas here to stay people so deal with it

  3. oneofgaga'slilmonsters

    fuck all u stupid gaga haters!none of u even know wat art is or real talent! gaga might be new thats true but she is not talentless her live shows r amazing and the only reason she covered her face was beacause thats how the costume is suppose to be idiots not cuz shes ugly she does have beauty she just doesnt know how to express it seriously people dont u have anything better to do then sit on ur fatasses making fun of succesful artist..Please gaga is famous, shes on many websites, magazine covers, on tv, etc…she has alot of hit singles, shes sold millions of copies of her music shes living pretty good life full of fame, fortune, and adoring fans as if she gives a shit wat retards like u have to say about her gaga’s here to stay people so keep talking shit about her cuz gaga isn’t going nowhere and she’ll keep on getting more and more famous as time passes, before u go critizising real talent take a good long look in the mirror cuz honeys i doubt any of u are perfect or even famous and u all still have the nerve to talk shit about her really? a bunch of nobodys? LMAO

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