Lady GaGa, seriously this time, what in the f-ck?

July 8th, 2009 // 104 Comments

Lady GaGa showed up to the press conference for the “Isle of Malta MTV Special” today wearing probably the most fucked up outfit she’s worn yet. It’s almost like Darth Vader had a daughter with a crack addicted hooker who drinks a lot. Under power lines. Inside a giant cigarette. I think you see where I’m going with this, so no need to spell it out. (She’s got the Downs.)


  1. jim first

    That the new MJ?

  2. sigh

    if she had a good looking face she wouldnt have to cover it up all the time or wear stuff to distract from the ugly.

  3. Delgo

    I love her hit single, “RoperFace”

  4. F*ckRandal

    Best outfit yet…anything that hides her face is good…

  5. Zee Brat

    It’s really so you can’t see her face. Have you ever snuck a good look at it? It’s horrible.

  6. Deacon Jones

    ahhh..just how I like my women.

    Finally, someone’s paying attention

  7. el ces

    Ninja Gaga.

  8. havoc

    Its still better than looking at this stupid fucking Bruno advertisement….

    Please Fish….


  9. Superevil

    Attention whore is desperate

  10. mr goob

    dang, she’s not showing us her curvy ass. probably a first for her.

  11. Jen

    It looks like she’s trying to hide healing plastic surgery. Anyone else agree?

  12. Jen

    It looks like she’s trying to hide healing plastic surgery. Anyone else agree?

  13. The first thing that comes to mind is MJ….weird stuff. I’m going to start ignoring these pop icons. They don’t deserve attention or recognition for most of the clownish stuff they do. We should all just start ignoring and act as though we didn’t see what they just did.

  14. Jada

    These idiotic pop stars should not be getting any attention period. We would be a better world for it.

  15. Kmm

    Too bad it wasn’t a plastic trash bag and a length of rope.

  16. PlushBarbieTits

    bad facial!!!!!

  17. Chipot

    It’s from her new Abu-Ghraib line of ladies evening wear.

  18. n

    way too early in this chicks career to be acting this aloof. she is an idiot. and weak on the actual talent end so she dresses all fucked up to get press. attention whore at best borderline paris hilton syndrome at worst.

  19. She was all right at the start…
    but Bitch is Trying Way to hard.
    And now she just acting the FOOL.

    There’s Unique style (like Gywen S.)…and then there’s buffoonery.
    She’s the latter.

  20. Sotto Cinco

    Whatever she is doing is working cause she is getting her picture on celeb websites.

  21. JMART5

    stick her and bruno in a closet and lock the freakin door

  22. Darth

    From which horror movie was this shot taken?

  23. This is the new burka design for washed up strippers with butterface syndrome that really cant sing…

  24. The first lady of bondage…i got a dog collar id like to introduce her to…

  25. ferlo

    I like it. So what? (:-b

  26. uh

    I like her. She’s entertaining. That’s what pop stars should be doing. Entertaining. Not fucking around and complaining about life. They should all be wearing freaky clothes and making songs that make me happy. That’s their job, that’s it.

  27. tumppu

    heh mika pelle!!

  28. sh

    maybe it’s some kind of a protest against Islam women oppression

  29. Magui

    She’s a friggin’ FREAK!

    Let’s just ignore her people.
    These new artists have NO talent what so ever.

  30. maxchain

    Oh! When did Final Fantasy start doing press conferences?

  31. And auditioning for the role of “Snake Eyes”…

  32. Ian

    The other day, Kelly Osbourne called GaGa a butterface. I don’t know if that makes Kelly a “notevenherbody” or whatever, but that may be why she has this getup on.

  33. Lisa

    LMAO!! It reminds me of the things they put on horses to keep the flies out of their eyes.

  34. Best pictures this tranny has ever taken! The less we see of him the better.

  35. sohaan

    wooooow she must of took a ride on a disco stick

  36. papahotnuts

    I just want to hit her in the face with a shovel. You’re welcome.

  37. Sammy the Shank

    Sad. Seems she’s about to go the way of Amy Winehouse, downhill into oblivion.

  38. dvja

    this is the best ive seen her.
    she looks good in that getup.
    please, keep wearing that.

  39. G&T

    Introducing the all new Paper Bag!
    Because in war every hole’s a trench, but now you don’t need to look at it…

  40. gypsybrother

    “she’s got the downs” hahahaha….

  41. Guy

    I wonder how many variations people will make of the same joke ‘It’s to hide her ugly face LOLOLOL’

  42. ah yes

    Not content with the efforts needed to hide “her” penis now she’s hiding her face as well.

  43. Sarah

    Generally, people with talent don’t have to go to these lengths to draw attention to themselves…

  44. jimbosworldorg

    Anybody else ever played Soul Calibur II? She looks like Voldo.

  45. frank lloyd wright

    Wow she is so desperate for attention. Poor child

  46. qq

    There is something on her face :o

  47. andi

    this is absolutely fantastic

  48. katie

    she always hides her face because truly, she is hideous.

  49. uh


    Ahahaha she totally does. Most of these jokes are horrible, but that made me laugh.

  50. Almita

    Ah it’s not that fucked up, she just covered her face, that’s all!
    Or is the fact that u cannot see her face so scary?????

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