Halle Berry’s boyfriend is making me look bad

July 8th, 2009 // 103 Comments

Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry took their baby Nahla on vacation to Miami this week where Gabriel decided to strut his six-pack abs all over the place. So, what? You think you’re better than me because you’re insanely beautiful and bed Halle Berry on a daily basis? Yeah, well, last night I drank beer out of a can while watching Internet porn and sobbing alone in my room. Who’s the cool guy now? SWISH!

EDIT: After rereading my comments, I realize I made a mistake here. Which is why I’d like to apologize to Gabriel because no one deserves to be smoked like that. Friends?

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  1. SoTe


  2. RedFantaGirl

    @45…Halle Berry has never had a nose job! It’s called, contouring. It’s what people with a flat, African nose do. You know, like Tyra, Oprah, Queen Latifah, etc.

    Oh, and for being 3/4th white, that baby looks really dark. I mean, isn’t Halle half, and he’s full, so am I doing the math right? Still a cute baby.

  3. Perfect family. And the baby girl soo cute.

  4. bizeegrl

    he’s AMAZING. thank you thank you thank you. wow. WOW. can’t get enough.

  5. milan

    Contouring doesn’t work miracles. It’s common knowledge that Halle had two nose jobs. The first one to make her nose less wide, and later a second one to make it less bulbous.


  6. captain america

    …………………..she wants honesty?

  7. DiMi

    Wow. Racism just won’t take a break #42/#43 Halle Berry is recognized internationally as one of the world’s most beautiful women; she’s won an academy award, an emmy and a golden globe; she’s been in blockbuster films; she’s successful on every level.

    And all you racist morons can say is that she looks like the white man’s maid? Huh? What century do you live in? A black woman with a child standing next to a white man is not necessarily his slave/servant. Assuming that all black women are maids is something that white people would say about black folks in the 1800s. It’s like slavery never ended and you missed the entire 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century.

    (if you Halle Berry were in the exact same spot, next to Aubry, holding a child, but she were a white woman, would you assume she was the maid? If she were white, even if she were the made, you wouldn’t think she was the maid!

    Did you people drop out of school in 8th grade or did you come from families of idiots. Really, how do people get that stupid and miss over a century of progress?

  8. Suzy

    OMG hes gorgeous!!! and that baby is going to grow up to be reallllly beautiful. jaw-dropping, all of them, so blessed!!

  9. Renee

    mmmm, nice.

    I am in a interracial relationship- and I hope that my babies look as good as theirs. lol

    My guy and I are getting married this fall.

  10. DiMi

    #35 – Nahla is an common Arabic girls name given to girls in Africa and the middle east. It is not a dog’s name. Perhaps you weren’t aware that English is not the only language on the planet, you idiot..

  11. Renee

    # 31- what does her being half white have to do with anything- she is still a BLACK woman. And interracial couple make some of the most beautiful children I have even seen.

    Well except of Hidi and Seal. Damn those rat face babies are ugly as sin.

  12. veronica

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  13. jimz

    HAHAHA! Treasure troll nose. What an apt description.

  14. mjw

    He’s ten years younger, and regularly works with women ten times hotter than Halle and less than half her age. Somehow I don’t think this will last.

  15. Lola

    #52 – The only “contouring” was done with a scalpel when the surgeon removed half her nose.

  16. jessie85

    Thanks a lot for ruining it. Now I’m going to think of K-FED every time i see him.

  17. sceeter

    #57 Relaaaaax! I think they meant she looked frumpy in that picture (if it’s even possible for her to look frumpy)
    And honestly, I think you are more racist for assuming they meant that bc she’s half black…do you think all maids are black, and vice versa?
    besides – What’s wrong with being a maid? It’s an honset way to earn a living.

    (And he is nice looking but man does he look dumb! And that’s not racist – it’s mean, but not racist)

  18. OH.MY-GOD!!!!!!!!!i fell in love

  19. mikeock

    Big deal. If I had all day to spend trying to look pretty, I’d have abs like that too.

  20. mikeock

    When is she going to shave her fucking head for that movie? I’m dying to see a bald Halle Berry

  21. noocha

    How little do I care about this guy, who looks like a complete idiot. Never thought Halle was pretty and the baby is just a baby. No better than others.

    Regularly boring family with a father with awsome abs. Wow. Let us post a miilion pictures and waste time and air just for THAT.

  22. Ms. Beerrrrrry, Ms. Berry. Anybody here remember the movie Swordfish with Halle Berry?

  23. Kathleen

    He is simply and absolutely gorgeous!

  24. Alexandra

    Near PERFECT!! Yes please!

  25. MsJennifer

    fuck his face and stomach i wanna see his dick…what’s he working with?

  26. ejorosjfsjfasdf

    so, they are pretty much PERFECT. he is beautiful, and so is she. they may actually be the two best looking humans on the planet. and their baby is beyond adorable and will probably turn out to have super powers…BUT NAKED BABY IN THE POOL IS NOT COOL. what if it takes a shit? as a lifeguard, let me tell you, i would NOT allow this nonsense. gotta have the ‘little dippers’ diapers, or you don’t get in the water. end of story. its like people think that THEIR baby is so precious, and so wonderful, that the rest of the world should feel lucky to swim in its shit. but shit is shit. and no one wants to swim in it. and if it peed, we’d never ever know it, which is worse, but i have a feeling there are other people peeing in the pool anyways.

  27. jade

    i would just like to say BLACK PEOPLE don’t just GROWN fucking noses… they are born with what they will have…… they are not born with a little perky tiny nose (white) and then it grows to but wide and flat. (some to most blacks) If this baby has a small nose at birth 9 times out of 10 it will stay that way…… she is only 1/4 black REMEMBER….. i bet if most of you reading and writing here looked into your own back ground you will find a little COLOR IN THERE TOO…. dare you to look!!!

  28. gigi

    hm…. this kid looks NOTHING like Gabriel. Is he really even the father? Halles’ already 1/2 white, Gabriel is, for all we can see more white than Halle at least… with their combo there should be more of a blend, and more on the caucasian side… genes are funny creatures, but there’s a simple science to them. What I’m seeing doesn’t add up. Google Victoria Rowell & her daugher Maya Fahey– this girl is NOT not adopted — Victoria’s mixed but more black, and her husband was Irish. The irish side was heavy-handed in this case yeah…. but Halle & Gabriel’s daughter shouldn’t have such negroid features [not that that's a bad thing! she's gorgeous!] I just don’t think he’s the dad… either her black genes dominiated and found whatever deeply buried black genes in him & hooked up, or this is somebody else’s child. Not buying it… but it doesn’t matter because even if they look a little annoyed, at least the baby looks happy

  29. jade

    ok and to the duff that had something to say about the color of the baby… my 5 kids are mixed and they look just like this baby…. and when they are out in the sun they soak it up!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!! TO ALL THE WHITES OUT THERE THAT JUST SOAK UP THE SUN….. CHECK YOUR TREE!!!

  30. jade


    What MOST of you underclass people don’t know is most upper class hotels have PRIVATE POOLS FOR YOUR SUITE!!!!! Only you and YOUR guest are allowed in it!!!


  31. e-rock

    Damn, I forget how racist America is sometimes!! What century are you people in still talking about black and white? WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK what color anyones skin is? Obviously these two make the most beautiful babies (Nahla has to be the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen), and I think they should continue to populate this earth with these little angels (while I watch) .teehee, Im such a voyer. We would all be so luck to have children that looked like her!!
    Now please, get out of your racist holes, and get some culture. Forget about skin color, sexual preference, religous views, and learn to love life for the beauty of diversity in ALL people. =D

  32. LP

    If that is a public/hotel pool then their baby/todler should be wearing a swim diaper. Nothings yuckier then being in a pool that’s tainted (even if it’s from a cute child). We had our two children wear one when they were little and they don’t cost much.

  33. Jade


  34. @17
    I completely agree 100 percent with everything you just said!!! I come to this site everyday and was getting alittle turned off. :( Even my bf asked me why i come to this site….This is why…bc of posts of glorious looking men LMAO

  35. Ricardo

    JADE, Please stop and take a breath – I want you to relax.

    BTW – I know they are rich and it’s a private pool, but I wouldn’t even want to swim around in a pool with my own poop in it, or my child’s…so I can see everyone else’s concerns

  36. Ricardo

    JADE, Please stop and take a breath – I want you to relax.

    BTW – I know they are rich and it’s a private pool, but I wouldn’t even want to swim around in a pool with my own poop in it, or my child’s…so I can see everyone else’s concerns

  37. SpammishRice

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it was gross that the baby’s naked in the pool. Seriously, if they can afford a hotel room with a private pool, they can plunk down a few dollars for a 12-pack of Lil Swimmers. Private pool or not, if that kid crapped in the pool, who do you think has to clean it up? Or maybe Jade would like to volunteer?

  38. Dr. Dre

    Halle is overrated. She does not look pretty here at all.

  39. Jade's bottle of Valium

    . o O (I think she misplaced me again…… ::sigh::)

  40. Yes,He is Perfect And His Dream come True ….GREAT!

  41. Alinka

    She’s hiding inside those dresses. She’s been doing that since she had this baby. Either she does not look what she used to or she’s recovering from cosmetic surgery…

  42. he’s unattractive. why do women go gaga over guys like this.

  43. lola

    They are both beautiful successful people who have made an adorable baby together. I wish them luck

  44. Albin Bainbridge

    @ #78

    Gigi, you don’t understand how genes work. When you’re not an expert on a subject it’s appropriate not to behave like you are.

  45. Jes

    he’s so hot…….SHE’S SO LUCKY

  46. Jes

    Their daughter is absolutely gorgeous just like her daddy

  47. jenvaux

    yum yum

  48. Lisa

    I can’t believe the amount of jealous people in this thread! Gabriel is clearly a gorgeous man or else he would not be an active model. You are all hateful little cretons because it happens to be a beautiful BLACK woman who has mothered his perfect child! Some people hate to see black women happy, it’s as simple as that! Get lives people…

  49. jj

    I don’t find Halle Berry is pretty. Anyone agree?

  50. Dani

    JJ, agree. She’s alright. Gabriel, on the other hand, is smoking hot. The kiddie is cute and I think she’ll be pretty when she grows up.

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