Halle Berry’s boyfriend is making me look bad

July 8th, 2009 // 103 Comments

Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry took their baby Nahla on vacation to Miami this week where Gabriel decided to strut his six-pack abs all over the place. So, what? You think you’re better than me because you’re insanely beautiful and bed Halle Berry on a daily basis? Yeah, well, last night I drank beer out of a can while watching Internet porn and sobbing alone in my room. Who’s the cool guy now? SWISH!

EDIT: After rereading my comments, I realize I made a mistake here. Which is why I’d like to apologize to Gabriel because no one deserves to be smoked like that. Friends?

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  1. Nick


  2. Nick


  3. NICK


  4. the infamous danielle

    1-2-3 yes, first to buttfuck yourself twice. congrats!

  5. Shawna


  6. Maggie

    Why do we care who’s first

  7. Maggie

    Why do we care again who is first?

  8. uh

    Yea he’s good-looking, but I’m not thinking about sex. Is that impossible for guys. Like, if they see a hot girl, do they automatically start imagining how they want to plow her?

    • Vacation

      Yes, hot women make me think about ‘plowing’ them. it’s natural. If not, we wouldn’t survive as a species. LOL.

  9. Hitwoman

    Is that Ryan O’Neil behind Gabriel in the last photo?

  10. Yep


    Yep!! That’s how God wired men, they seriously always feel the need to breed. True Story.

  11. gotmilk?

    eh he doesn’t do anything for me.

  12. Amy

    I’d give it a go if he came with a paper bag.

  13. #12 – I sincerely hope by “came” you don’t mean “ejaculate”…

  14. jamie foxx

    I bust a nut on your ho in front of millions!

  15. e-rock

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!! He looks like an angel that fell from the sky and landed his pecker in Halle Berry’s holy vagina to produce the most beautiful baby I think I have EVER seen!!!! That is probably the best looking family I have ever seen in my life. Halle, you are one lucky lady!!!
    GOD DAMN look at those abs!!!! krikey!

  16. jenna

    I don´t know why but I find men who are models extremely boring and not at all interesting…
    He doesn´t do anything for me either!

  17. e-rock

    By the way Fish, THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING THERE ARE HOT BLOODED WOMEN THAT COME ON THIS SITE TOO!!! You almost lost me as a fan, with all of the damn bikini posts, and of couse all of the Megan Fox posts. It was really starting to get fishy around here (pun intended). I don’t mind the occasional bikini post, but you really should throw more shirtless HOT men pics in there too!! SO THANK YOU!!!
    One more thing, feel free to add any Gerard Butler pics if you come across them? pretty please? teehee.

  18. sizzzzzle

    HOT DAMN!!! this guy is the most perfect man ever!! my panties are wet….

  19. Sonya

    WOW that man is HOT!

  20. puhleeze

    I bet he uses an ab lounge AND a thighmaster to work out.

  21. Smizzle

    He looks like Sawyer from Lost.

  22. YEAH

    hell yes more gerard butler

  23. Hash

    Meh, he’s a white dude married to a suicidal black woman. I do not envy him.

  24. Iona Knipple

    A dream come true of a man -WOW- he is just perfect.

  25. Iona Knipple

    A dream come true of a man -WOW- he is just perfect.

  26. Collar out

    Move over MJ Hallie’s another member of the “whitey-white” club…

  27. He obviously lowered his standards considerably to settle for this used up washed out rag doll…..

  28. Tell this guy to mix in some bicep curls and weighted pull ups…I mean, anyone can get abs without eating…look at Christian Bale in “The Machinist.”
    The Rake

  29. ferlo

    @ 15: I second that.

    They’re absolutely gorgeous. (all three)

  30. sapphire eyes

    Move over, Angelina and Brad. There’s a new most beautiful family around. Handle that man with oven gloves, that man is smokin’ hot.

  31. lol

    Shes 1/2 white you bunch of stupids

  32. sunshine

    #15 & #29 ~ I totally agree, what a gorgeous family.

  33. aury

    yummy. i could eat him alive.

  34. Darth

    He’s working out at least four times a week!

  35. Scarah

    #31 You made me laugh out loud at work. Thought you should know.

    Why did she name her daughter Nalah? To me, she has completely wiped out all credibility with being an interesting and creative person. I mean for christ’s sake jon & kate name one of their DOGS Nalah…the fact that I know that is so sad I think I’m gonna cry…

  36. sohaan

    dang they getin all the good ones i’d b better off a a pon star

  37. quack

    picture 8–
    cue automatic meltdownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

    on his own, he’s alright, but as a part of this ridiculously gorgeous family he’s golden.

  38. Jaxon

    He’s got big ole wide womanly hips. A man is supposed to taper down to narrow hips. Not his.

    But their baby is stunning.

  39. Rhialto

    This is the best solution if you want a ‘foreign’ kid.

  40. ardgelina

    Wow… most beautiful family ever!!!!! We all know that little gorgeous girl will grow up to be a super model for sure!!!!! LOVELY!

  41. zuma

    When did Halle start dating K-Fed?

  42. finku

    That kid is going to be insanely handsome…But She looks like her husband housekeeper…

  43. rt

    @42 LOL That’s exactly what I was thinking after looking at pic #3.

  44. alex

    Sad to say, but he doesn’t just look like K-Fed. He’s also as intelligent as K-Fed.

  45. quincy

    The baby won’t look so good when it starts to grow Halle’s original nose.

  46. sybil

    Come on! Don’t put your baby in a hotel pool until she’s been toilet trained or at least use a swim diaper.

  47. black & beautiful

    Damn these are some gorgeous people. Congrats to Halle for landing the finest white boy on the PLANET!!!

  48. Tom K

    #45 LOL!!!!!! I was thinking the same thing. Once she starts growing that treasure troll nose that Halle used to have we will see how pretty she really is when she grows up.

    Right now cute kid

  49. Rachizzo

    there aren’t enough fans in the world to cool me off. that man is HOTTTTTT! more please! I never thought i could be even more jealous of Halle Berry, but dayummmmmmmmmmmm. These two need to get to work on populating the earth with more beautiful people stat. and maybe let me watch.

  50. luzma

    he’s perfect, and nahla its so gorgeous! lovely family

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