Hayden Panettiere is wearing a thong

July 7th, 2009 // 69 Comments

Hayden Panettiere stopped by Letterman last night wearing a partially see-through black dress which was kind of awesome. Unfortunately, what wasn’t so awesome is hearing her talk. And that’s not a misogynstic joke or anything. She’s just really, really boring. I tried to pay attention to her go on about dolphins, but all I wanted to do was shove a gun in my mouth and pray for sweet death. Honestly, I don’t know how Dave does it. Besides the fact he makes enough money to go home, shove his feet in two dolphin’s blowholes and wear them as slippers while skeet-shooting Heroes DVDs. That’s probably it.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. martina

    I’m surprised that Dave didn’t cream right then and there (or .. maybe he did….)

  2. uh

    Actually, she’s a better role model than most because she’s not anorexic while still being incredibly cute. Seriously, I’m jealous.

  3. jack

    I would fuck her non stop.

  4. captain america

    when almost no porn-magazine like HUSTLER is legally(in sight) for sale in bookstores and all MEN must DO IT with these kind of pictures……………………………..
    …………………AND RAIPINGS!!
    (what is your choice?)

  5. Whatever

    I’m going to kidnap and threaten to kill a dolphin if she doesn’t let me screw her ever lovin brains out.

    Lose the dress or flipper gets it you sexy little midget!

  6. She’s definitely hot! – err, may it just depends how you look at her.

    Build Muscle Mass

  7. Horny Larry

    Nail that arse

  8. Qtipz

    dude, who doesn’t want chicks to emulate this dress? seriously…to everyone who posted a “shame on her, she’s a role model” comment…what are you doing on this website?

    hoorah for sluts!

  9. Qtipz

    dude, who doesn’t want chicks to emulate this dress? seriously…to everyone who posted a “shame on her, she’s a role model” comment…what are you doing on this website?

    hoorah for sluts!

  10. longjohn

    What a joke. I’m going to kill 3 dolphins for each word she spits out of her whore mouth.

  11. Fribble

    From 39:
    ” 39. Scott – July 7, 2009 5:44 PM
    She may not be a fucking 10, but she sure as fuck doesnt look nearly as bad as your dumb ass makes our out to…flinging insults w no merit doesnt make you sound witty….just bitter.”

    Sorry to interrupt you fapping party with your frat sisters, guy, but I didn’t say she was looking bad, just that she bears a striking resemblance to a in-her-30′s bloated, recently alcohoic Liz. And it’s only going to get worse.
    Liz was still pretty back then, but you could tell she was going to get really ragged, really quick.
    You can go back to scraping the smegma off your forskin now, Junior. I’m sure one of your sisters wants to spread it on her toast for breakfast.
    Have a nice day.

  12. veronica

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  13. JoMama

    She can go down for 40 seconds…

  14. Joe

    With all the beautiful starlets running around Hollywood, how the hell does this giant-headed midget keep getting jobs? WTF?

  15. she doesn’t look good in this dress.

  16. I know she dull, but boy does she have a nice body! Looking forward to seeing Hayden in the flesh in I love you Beth Cooper

  17. Ryan

    lauren said: “Does she not realize she is a role model? There are 16-year-olds who are going to copy this look now. Maybe this would look appropriate on a 32-year-old, but not on a 19-year-old who portrays a teenager on television and is currently the covergirl for Seventeen magazine.”

    She’s an actress, not a sports star. She is NOT a role model, nor should she have to pretend to be one. She actually makes that dress look classy.

    I hate the notion that she can’t dress how she wants to because you people can’t control what your children do or wear.

  18. People are working on nothing. I believe that older women who are commenting that it could’ve been removed. Dress well and I am sure that the response might be different if he is sure was slightly larger. At least she was not naked and actually wore underwear. Until she flashes her boobs or crotch, we’ll talk, until then a little longer if he does not get over it.

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