Britney Spears: Braless in Paris

July 7th, 2009 // 39 Comments

An apparently Jewish Britney Spears took her kids to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris yesterday. When Sean commented “Mommy, it looks like a giant ice cream cone,” she quietly informed him only Jayden is allowed to speak before pulling a can of whipped cream out of her purse and climbing to the top. Estimated damage: $2.5 million not including Britney’s new set of teeth which early reports say she wants “made outta that sheeit on Wolverine’s bones, y’all. CHOMP CHOMP!”

Photos: Fame, Splash News

  1. uh

    She looks good. Her legs are less chunky.

  2. I think her hair is receding?

    Love the Star of David necklace.
    I’d be offended if i were Jewish., Hell…I’m offended as a member of the human race.

  3. I am really enjoying her new found disdain for brassieres.

  4. lizzy

    she looks good! nice to see her healthy. her boys are so cute. jayden looks JUST like her (and high…) and who doesn’t love paris?

    very cute :)

  5. Natalia

    Oh my!! Leave her alone! NOBODY wears bra at the summer time in Europe!!!!!!! For Europeans there is nothing wrong with nipples…..what is this obsession in US about nipples????? The human body is so shielded that people are growing up to be neurotics, but the violence on every kids show is just fine……? How dumb….

  6. Genny

    Wow she looks happy. And what a beautiful dress!

  7. uh

    Ok please explain to me what kids’ shows have violence on them? Just ONE. I’m sick of people whipping out that phrase with absolutely no back-up.

  8. Ira

    why is she wearing a star of David? isn’t she a Catholic?

  9. havoc

    #5…Our obsession with nipples is about sucking on them, wet t-shirt contests and the occasional mousetrap….


  10. Mr. McFoo

    @#5, please STFU. If you think men of any race don’t like nipples, you’re way off. (FYI, I’m not from the US)

  11. Mr. McFoo

    @#5, please STFU. If you think men of any race aren’t interested in nipples, you’re way off. (FYI, I’m not from the US)

  12. Wtf? Is that a mullett?

  13. Dave

    In picture #16 her kid (don’t know which one it is and don’t care) is trying his best to pull her top down and expose some boob.

    THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what a true American hero looks like.

  14. Time's Up!

    She reminds me of Anne Frank with that necklace. I bet she must be writing a diary, too.

  15. Boobs a lot

    Are her breasts asymmetrical ?

  16. Steffi

    #5 how about teenage mutant ninja turtles, power rangers the list goes on…

  17. impressive

    That’s the best her legs have looked in years. She should wear skirts more often (unless she’s still working on trying to remember to wear panties…)

  18. joe m

    Yes. Men love a woman with a great chest.
    But some really perverted men are overly obsessed with the nipples.

  19. n

    i think she still hinges on crazy.

  20. Deacon Jones

    hmm, I’m actually truned on ny these pics.

    And nice Jewsih reference FISH. You’ve obviously been to Long Island before.

  21. Max Planck

    Now, if she starts dating a producer….

  22. Catom

    When did she became a Jew?!?!?!

  23. Loose Lucy

    she doesn’t seem to wash her hair on a regular basis…do you supposed that she bathes regularly? I get the feeling that she is the “stinky kid in class”

  24. Vince Lombardi

    Britney Spearstein

  25. Lloyd Johnson

    Star of David? Really? I guess Jesus is relieved.

  26. She’s reverting back to her skank days, this time with children.

  27. dirk

    Mommy needs a bra for mommy’s flapjacks. By the way, doesn’t the kid have that “dull hick” look in his eyes?

  28. stella

    is she jewish now?

  29. I think she’s wearing the Star of David because she follows or used to follow Kabbalah which is somehow related to Judaism.

  30. nachomama

    she looks happy—-her boys r cute. her hair looks really bad though…when u color over blonde it tends to look ashy if you don’t fill it in first…whoever her stylist is needs to go back to school.

  31. FER

    Every girl and woman with a rack as good as hers should go BRALESS ALL THE TIME. Period.

  32. superfluous

    Agreed with #1. She’s looking good. Arms are still a bit chunky but her legs are truly nice and her TM double chin is gone!

  33. veronica

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  34. captain america

    braless……………………………………………..BUT BRAINLESS TOO, folks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Darth

    How ’bout this one? When is she gonna make her come backy in the movie world?

  36. Galtacticus

    Any horror-comedy in the make?

  37. Dick REALLY Throbbn now

    I’d have her ride my cock and suck them big mamma nips (.)(.) until she’s lactating again ! ! I’d hammer like chop meat. RICH MILF

    Cute kid.

    Glad she can dress comfy for some time with her kids.

  38. Wh0re_Tits

    Nice prop children for an unfit mother who doesn’t even have primary custody. Wonder if she even knows who the father really is. Good thing she has an employee to tote around the other bastard celebuspawn. Too bad she doesn’t really care about being a mother and instead is more focused on fleecing the public that comes to watch her dance around since she doesn’t really even sing.

  39. Her boys r cute she looks happy. Her hair really though feel bad … U fairness when it takes over the yellow for it if you do not fill in the first … That her stylist needs to go back to school.

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